Chocolate Earth from Story of My Tea. . . . .

I travel a lot to Texas with my kiddo, so when I saw a Houston-based tea company, I knew I had to learn more. This Kickstarter-founded company, called Story of my Tea, recently offered two of their new Hello! pre-measured iced teas for free (just pay S&H) ….. an iced teaser, if you will 😉

I’m familiar with cold brewing tea bags, but what really got me about this company was the awesome variety of blends. I chose Rhubarb Oolong and Chocolate Earth (a puerh and white tea blend) as my free samples.

First off, their packaging is really clever. The back of the sealed foil packet has clear steeping instructions for both hot and cold steeping (has anyone noticed a taste difference between these styles?). Then there’s a QR code you can just scan which shows you much, much more about using each blend with food pairings.

Inside is an enormous 5×3(ish) inch unbleached bag of cocoa-scented leaves. I can’t see clearly the percentage mix of white and fermented tea (or other flavorings).

I noticed that the wet puerh leaves didn’t expand and fill the satchel the way the oolong bag did after brewing, but I was still grateful for that extra room because 1) I am relieved there’s enough room for the leaves to expand and release all their flavor and 2) this ENORMOUS bag means I can now brew four big cups at a time instead of just one!

My first infusion was copper and the second, longer steep became a mahogany color, exactly the same colors as an aging penny. The liquor smelled of a molassesy s’more.

Sipping it… well, you know how silk invites you to run your hand along the cool, soft fabric? Chocolate Earth feels exactly like that in your mouth. Buttery smooth, it excites first as cocoa and moves to all taste buds, then lingers sweetly for just a moment with a vanilla bourbon.

I have an affirmation board near my tea cupboard that literally reminds me “I HAVE ENOUGH TEA” , but somehow it did not deter me from this purchase Ha.  It also has a list of what teas I want to buy when my cupboard stops overflowing. Anyhow, on the list was Numi’s chocolate Puerh, (which I discovered in my first Zen Tea Bar box and absolutely loved), But now that line has been replaced with Story of My tea’s Hello! Chocolate Earth – – it’s THAT awesome.


Here’s the scoop!

Tea Type:  Puerh

Where to Buy:  Story of My Tea


This tea has the milky and caramel notes of the white tea, is extremely smooth and very aromatic. Is great iced as a dessert or after a summer BBQ.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

White Peach Iced Tea from Story of My Tea. . . .

Story of My Tea has been one company that has peaked my interest several times.  Between their social campaigns and reading the thoughts of fellow tea bloggers, Story of My Tea appears to be one that we should take note of.

Especially with their new iced tea offerings.

I’m one of those tea drinkers who is extremely picky about their peach tea flavorings.  It seems that artificial peach flavors are a dime a dozen, but teas that have that fresh crisp peach tea are ones that you have to search for. So to say I was skeptical of Story of My Tea’s White Peach Iced Tea is a fair statement.

Since there are a few of us at the office who adore iced tea, I thought I’d share and brew up a pitcher for all to enjoy.  Story of My Tea’s White Peach Iced Tea is already in a convenient tea bag that is perfect for just throwing in a pitcher, fill the pitcher with cold water, and you are all set.  Refrigerate for a few hours and you are greeted with iced tea.

I poured a few glasses full and delivered the tea to my co-workers.  The feedback I received was pretty unanimous.  This was the best peach tea that had ever had.  Smooth, sweet, with a delicious peach undertone that was fresh and perfect for the upcoming summer months.  I took my first sip and I have to agree with them.

This iced tea is one of the better ones I’ve had.  Overall, the flavors were crisp, fresh, and full of peachy goodness. Lush, silky, juicy peach notes swirl and mingle in every sip.  White Peach Iced Tea is one that demands attention in a very subtle way.  And since this tea is packed in an iced tea bag that you can keep adding in fresh cold water to keep the brew going all day.

If you are looking for a great tea to share, I highly recommend this one.  It is a crowd pleaser for sure!  In just a few days, the Kickstarter Campaign for this iced tea and the rest of the iced tea collection will be going live.  I have a feeling I’ll be supporting this one!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: White
Where to Buy:  Story of My Tea
  1. All natural specialty iced teas.

  2. Picked to taste great when cold brewed.

  3. Pre-packed into filter pouches using a special algorithm to deliver a spot on flavor.

  4. Makes 1 quart of cold steeped iced tea​.

  5. No Equipment or hot water necessary.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!