Jump Start from Adagio Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black/Mate

Where to Buy: Adagio Teas 

Tea Description:

Mate, Kola, and Black tea make up this well-caffeinated blend to make your mornings deliciously efficient.  Blended with toasted mate tea, black tea, cocoa nibs, cinnamon bark, kola nuts & safflower

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Taster’s Review:

Last time I was in Chicago for work, I couldn’t help but run right to Adagio Teas. Where I live there really isn’t a tea shop so whenever I get close to one, my heart skips a beat.  Jump Start was the first blend I picked up.

Presented in a lovely tin with vibrant colors and a rooster (love that!), this black tea/mate blend is one that will do what the name suggests. This tea packs a punch and helps you get a jump start on your tea in a refreshing bold and delicious way.

First- this tea is a brilliant take on coffee.  If you are a coffee drinker, then I have a feeling you would love Jump Start. Brewed up at 212F and allowed to steep for about 4 minutes, this blend provided gorgeous notes of creamy cinnamon that mingled nicely with the silky black tea base.  The mate provided that roasted/toasted flavor that is similar to a fresh roasted coffee.    I don’t pick up any chocolate notes but that could be where that silky texture is coming from. All the flavor without that coffee bitter aftertaste.  Really delicious and fresh.

The best part of this tea is that you can get several infusions out of the mix and this tea is forgiving as all get out. I oversteeped by about 10 minutes and I swear that just heightened all of the flavors. The cinnamon was stronger and that creaminess even better. Perfect for the first cuppa of the day.

The more I drink  Jump Start I realize this is a blend that is dying to be a latte.  I’ll be trying that out in the morning for sure!


Chocolate Strawberry Mocha Tea from Shanti Tea

mochaTea Type:
Oolong Tea

Where To Buy:
Shanti Tea

Product Description:

2 – 3 min, milk not recommended
Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Coffee Beans, Cacao pieces, rosehips, safflowers, natural essences
Tasting Notes…
Certification: Conventional
Grade or Quality: full leaf
Aroma: chocolately, smoky, coffee notes
Infusion Aroma: smooth chocolately aroma with mild smokiness and pronounced coffee
Infusion Color: dark amber
Base flavor: chocolate mocha, earthy
Infusion Strength: strong, full bodied

Tasters Review:

Oh.My.Gawd!  YUMSVILLE!  I know a lot of people are either a coffee person OR a tea person…of course I would say I was a tea person!  But any time a company combines the two – I am intrigued!

The aroma of this is amazing! Juicy-sweet strawberry, Smooth and Sweet Chocolate, Hearty Mocha/Coffee! WOW!

The flavor is wonderful, too! All of the above in addition to semi-smoky Oolong!

It’s sweet, it’s juicy, it’s smooth, it’s slighty smoky, it’s coffee-bean, it’s a DREAM.

This is TOP NOTCH and takes you on a flavorful RIDE! LOVE it!