Tropical Storm Warning: Coconut Blizzard – Teana Colada from Tea Geek’ery

Wow look at those curls of fresh coconut!  There’s more flaky, white goodness in this tea blend than all the snow we have had in this New England winter.  Teana Colada is a simple blend with a cute name and quality ingredients: red rooibos tea and coconut chips.  Brewed hot, there is so much coconut, the buttery blend is almost savory, like butter on toast.  As it cools, the tropical notes of the coconut shine through and mingle with the nutty red rooibos.  This isn’t a true pina colada blend, as there isn’t any pineapple or fruity flavors, but it is a coconut dream tea.

As a cold brew, the rooibos comes through more strongly, making the blend taste like a creamy, vanilla rooibos tea.  On its own, the cold brew is a little one-note, but it might be a winning secret ingredient in a tropical iced tea summer blend.  The upside of a rooibos blend is that it is naturally caffeine-free, so you can steep a cup of this blend at any time in your schedule.
This is a tea for nutty coconut fans, or someone who is looking for an exceptionally creamy, buttery rooibos blend.  If you really want to take this tropical theme to its height, drink Teana Colada out of a tiki mug with a big wedge of pineapple on the side!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos
Where to Buy: Tea Geek’ery

This herbal tea is naturally sweet with hints of cream & nuts. Phenomenal blended with ice & your favorite coconuttie adult beverage.

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