Coconut Cream Pie from David’s Tea. . .

David’s Tea’s site says that this tea makes a great dessert substitute. I say, uh, nice TRY, but we all know YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES on this one.

That said, this tea IS a sweet sensation. It’s got coconut, white chocolate, and oolong, my personal favorite. It tastes like a tropical morning. Enough kick in the oolong to scoot you along, but enough sweet to say “hey, it’s a sunny and fun day ahead.”

Despite living in Pennsylvania during January, I do momentarily feel — with this tea and my light box — that bikini weather is right around the corner.

Just let me pretend.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

Rich, toasted coconut flakes and creamy white chocolate unite in this delectable oolong tea. Infused with all the flavours of a homemade coconut cream pie, this velvety oolong blend smells as delicious as it tastes. Who needs dessert when you’ve got this tea to satisfy your sweet tooth?

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Coconut Cream Puffs from A Quarter To Tea. . . .

In my home state (cheeseheads, unite!) cream puffs are A Big Thing. Every year, people line the streets to get to the state fair for their fix. There’s actually a WINDOW PICKUP you can drive through without entering fair grounds just to get your half-to-a-dozen packs to bring to work in those magical ten days where the fair is running full-stop. Frankly, if we could name an official state pastry, I’d be hard pressed to pick something more indicative of Wisconsin than a good old cream puff.

So when this little beauty arrived on my doorstep from A Quarter To Tea, I thought two things– first, that this flavor has a lot to live up to. But second– if anyone could do it justice, it’d be my favorite tea blender from Wisconsin. And AQTT didn’t disappoint! This blend came in rolled balls– which, maybe it’s just the novelty factor, but this is one of my favorite ways to try loose leaf tea. (It helps that they were vaguely cream-puff-shaped, that’s for sure.) The black tea was strong and detectable, but not overly astringent or bitter. Perfectly balanced in the cup were notes of creamy, dreamy coconut, and a dash of that thick, whipped cream goodness that I’ve come to associate so strongly with cream puffs. Yum! I wish I would’ve tasted a liiiittle bit more pastry notes (what is the ‘puff’ part of a cream puff if not the perfect, slightly-savory balance to all that sugary cream?) in this blend, but it was still so delightful that I can’t complain.

I daresay you could set up a shop serving up this decadent blend right next to that cream-puff-drive-through line and give it a run for its money. Okay– maybe not. But it’d be a perfect pairing for an iconic dessert!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea

This tea is not currently available on the site but click below for teas that are.

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Chocolate Coconut Truffle from The NecessiTeas. . .

First things first, let’s Google: Chocolate truffles vs pig-found mushroom truffles…. because I’ve seen mushroom teas out there, and i just want to be ready for it…. but verdict says: they are called the same name because of how they LOOK, not taste. Phew, ok. Both good eats but not anything I’d want to taste together, I don’t think…

I see almond slices and rooibos playing among the coconut slivers and black tea leaves whilst I brewed at 180 F. After 3 min, there was so much coconut oil on top that even JP Sears would be jealous. Then it literally sparkled on its way out of my gravity strainer, oh how I would love to drop it through again. The infusion looks like a translucent milk chocolate bar, it smells mostly like dark chocolate with hints of that sweet earthy coconut. Mmmmmm!

At first it Tastes of coconut, Tropical and luxurious. The aftertaste for about a minute is  seriously so chocolatey – that feeling after you eat the last morsel and the last bits of melted heaven swirl around your tastebuds on their way down. Pleasant without sweetener, which for me is saying something! As the tea gets cooler, the aftertaste then becomes very juicy and refreshing. This would also be fantastic cold brewed as an iced tea, No wonder it’s currently sold out!

The second steep is enjoyable though not as oily or sparkly, which is understandable. It reminds me of my Dad’s favorite candy bar, Almond Joy. I’d share this tea with him but he’s on a Hawaiian vacation so I guess this is how I live vicariously through it.

Kiddo and I have only watched Moana six times since Friday, so this irrefutable inspiration to end by re-appropriating the lyrics of her song can be blamed on him … (and you’re welcome for the earworm… google that!)

“Every spoon I scoop, every cup I pour,  Every sip I take, I keep wanting more, I keep looking back to that tea webstore,  and no one knows… how my stash grows….”

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: The NecessiTeas

From first sip, this marvelous blended black tea tastes like an exotic tropic night–dark, playful, with the perfect amount of warm chocolate, creamy coconut, and hints of bright notes that are reminiscent of the coming sunrise. You can almost hear the trade winds blowing through the palm trees! Add a little coconut milk to take this lovely tea blend from delicious to decadent!

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Coconut Flan Genmaicha from 52Teas. . . .

So I am only about half a year late but I am getting into the 12 Teas of Christmas. This particular tea, Coconut Flan Genmaicha, was from the 4th night of Christmas and unfortunately that means it is no longer available. However, in case it comes back, I will probably try snatching some more of this up because it is a tasty tea.

I have never had flan personally but my understanding is it is a gelatinous custard with a caramel top (drizzle? coating?). So if I am wrong about what flan is I am sorry but that is what I am basing my interpretation on and based on that, I would say this tea is pretty true to its name.

The first thing I notice is the almost thick and creamy custard quality. A little bit eggy and a little bit sweet. In fact, a caramelized sweetness floats atop the sip. Underneath the custard, the genmaicha – a pop of roastiness to keep everything else in check. It is both desserty and like cereal which makes this tea great as either a nighttime treat or a morning pick-me-up.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  52Teas

This tea is no longer available but click below for green teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

On the 9th Day of Christmas 52Teas Sent To Me. . .

I’m not going to lie, we are on the 9th Dy of this amazing promotion and I’m quiet sad! We are almost done. I’ve loved this daily special treat and it honestly did make the countdown to the holidays.

So if you are following along, scratch off your 9th Tea sticker and lets uncover the surprise!

Coconut Cream Pie Black Tea

EEEKKK!!!! I’m am so excited! I think this is a reblend that I missed the first go around so this is super exciting.  (FYI, I’m writing this review while drinking the tea). While my water is prepping I can’t keep my nose out of the pouch. This blend smells like a heavy calorie dessert that needs to be devoured instantly and that is exactly what I plan to do with this tea.

Rich creamy pudding like notes of coconut swirl the palette as a lovely rich sweetness that I think is possibly vanilla (?) that really sets this coconut based tea apart from others. I can’t put my finger on it but I also am getting a slight graham cracker like feel.

An amazing treat for sure and one that is curving this sweet tooth I’ve got.  What I almost love more than the flavor of this tea is the texture and feel you get from it. There is such a lush decadence with every sip.  This tea is one of those that you hoard like a mad fiend and are not open to sharing with anybody.

Highly recommended and if you have a chance to get your hands on some, do! You’ll be like me. . .sitting in the corner, unwillingly to share the amazing tea! It really is dessert in a cuppa at it’s finest!

Here is the official description and Mad Musings for this tea. 

Coconut Cream Pie Black Tea!

Tea Description:  I was pretty excited when people asked that this tea be included in the vote for the 2016 12 Teas of Christmas, and even happier when this tea turned out to be one of the top vote getters. This has been one of the more memorable 52Teas blends for me – I love coconut! – so I was really happy to have the opportunity to reblend it.

The original description of this tea said:

Our Coconut Cream Pie flavored black tea has been one of our bestsellers here at Zoomdweebie’s since we opened. In addition to the pouches of this tea that we’ve sold, we sell a LOT of beverages made from this tea, in particular, this is probably our all time bestselling iced tea latte, one sip of which has led people to exclaim, “That’s like coconut cream pie in a glass!” I’ve also been frequently challenged on our assertion that our tea lattes are all fat-free, particularly with this tea.

It is simply so decadent, so wonderfully sweet and satisfying, that people cannot believe that we didn’t just liquefy a slice of coconut cream pie and serve it to them in a glass.

For the 52teas version of this tea, we are adding some honking-big flakes of unsweetened coconut to our premium black tea blend along with coconut and vanilla flavors.

So, obviously, I needed to change up the recipe somewhat because the black tea that I use is different from the ones utilized by Frank. I started with my black tea base of organic Indian and Chinese teas. I did use some “honking-big flakes of unsweetened coconut” as well as some vanilla beans and calendula petals. 

This is very coconut-y, very creamy and oh-so-yummy! It’s been a while since I’ve had some of Frank’s version of this tea, but I’d say that I did pretty well with this blend! If my review of this tea is any indication – I think my black tea might be a bit stronger than the original version – but the other flavors are on point!

organic ingredients: black teas, coconut, calendula petals, vanilla beans and natural flavors.

So yummy!

As I said in the description, it’s been a long while since I’ve had some of Frank’s version of this tea. But, I have to say that I’m loving my recreation of this blend! The black tea is a good, solid black tea flavor – robust enough to get your day off to a strong start if you decided you wanted a little bit of coconut cream pie for breakfast. (Try this as a latte – seriously – it’s so darned tasty!)

The coconut is strong with this tea! It’s smooth and creamy. Sweet! I can taste that creamy custard-y filling of the coconut cream pie – and I even get an occasional note of pastry to this. The pastry is more of a distant flavor – but really, I don’t want to tweak with this and change the flavors because it’s really awesome the way it is. I don’t want to sacrifice any of the yummy coconut and custard flavors to bring out the pastry more. I guess, for me what it came down to was this question: When you eat pie, do you eat it for the crust or for the filling?

The filling wins every time! Oh sure, I want a tasty crust too, but I can’t remember eating the crust and leaving the filling of any pie – while I can remember doing the opposite as a kid!

Anyway – I’m really happy with this – I hope those of you who were fans of the original blend are just as happy with my recreation of it!

To brew: Use a rounded teaspoon of tea (give it a good shake before you measure it to redistribute any ingredients. There is vanilla bean in this blend – and they will settle to the bottom!) to 12 ounces of boiling water. Let steep for 2 1/2 minutes. Strain and cool for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

No sugar needed for this (unless you want it!) I found it plenty sweet and satisfying without! But you will want to try it as a latte because it becomes even more decadent!




Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Flavored Tea
Where to Buy: 52Teas
This tea is no longer available but these are!