Coconut Decadence from BELEAVE Teas

Good day, tea-ple! (Like “people,” but with “tea”? Can we make this catch on?) Today I’m going to chat you up about Coconut Decadence by BeLEAVE Teas.

The word “Decadent” can mean “luxuriously self-indulgent.” It can also mean “characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline.”

I imagine that BeLEAVE was shooting for the first meaning. I don’t think that this tea is a commentary on contemporary politics. OR IS IT? (It’s not. It’s so totally not.)

Linguistics aside, this tea really is resplendently, lusciously decadent.

This tea has a unique texture that I’m not sure I’ve discovered in much other than a maté or two. It’s a slick-ness that coats the tongue. The taste — a very strong vanilla/coconut affair — packs a wallop.

It gave me a feeling that I couldn’t pinpoint at first. To be honest with you, Dear Reader, I wrote the first half of this review upon first trying the tea, and then spent 24 hours trying to figure out a good parallel. Not every review needs a metaphor or extended digression, of course, but I didn’t feel like I’d covered this tea appropriately without saying something else. Something special. I really liked this tea and wanted to do it justice.

What is this tea like?

I finally nailed it down. This tea is like Whitney Houston at her very best. This is the “I Will Always Love You” of teas. It’s rich; it’s smooth; and it soars. This tea’s a winner.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Beleave Teas


Broken Leaf Black Tea Blend with Coconut and Chocolate Flavor Notes. Light and Brisk body.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Coconut Decadence (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas

If I have smelled a more potent vanilla coconut tea aroma than Coconut Decadence (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas I honestly don’t remember what it is.  Coconut Decadence (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas has a wonderfully powerful vanilla and coconut smell to it.  I would say a tad more vanilla than coconut but both sniffs were strong and welcome!

Coconut Decadence (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas woke the taste buds, too!  It has a strong dark black tea base to keep up with the flavoring!  Once on the tongue the coconut and vanilla flavors merge into one to make a flavor of it’s own.  The sip can be a little astringent if over infused but sometimes I like that depending on the base and it seemed to work here.

Personally, I would put this Coconut Decadence (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas into my ‘flavored black teas for a rough morning’ category.  It is a good pick-me-up tea!  The aftertaste of this Coconut Decadence (Black) Tea from Beleave Teas provided an interesting coconut-vanilla-chocolate type end sip and aftertaste as well.  It was unlike any other tea I have tasted before which is nice because I’m always looking for flavored teas that stand out above the rest – especially flavored black teas.

Here’s the Scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Beleave Teas


Broken Leaf Black Tea Blend with Coconut and Chocolate Flavor Notes. Light and Brisk body.

Learn more about this tea  and tea company here.