Love Tea #7: The Fifty Shades of Grey of Teas from DAVIDsTea. . . . .

Dear David’s Tea, What happened to Love Teas 1-6? Did you kill them, David? If so, how? If not, where are they? Are they okay? Can I check in on them? But, David, between you and me, I’m glad they’re out of the picture. Because this #7 is a delight. It’s like Valentine’s Day in a tea. Chocolate. Strawberries. Roses. You hit all the high points, plus it genuinely tastes good. Did you see this in my wish list, David, and magic it into my Sororitea Sisters care package? Are you stalking me in addition to murdering your previous teas? Read More


Valentine Tea Alert! Love Tea #7 from David’s Tea. . .

My lovely, kind, smart and wonderful fiancé has one fatal flaw. He doesn’t like strawberries, you guys. STRAWBERRIES. How?! I wish I could tell you. I, on the other hand, clearly am a fan. So when I dug this tea out of my sample stash, I knew that this could go one of two ways: I could love it, and rejoice in the more-for-me glory, or it could fall seriously flat and I wouldn’t be able to pawn it off on him as I so often do with teas that I don’t love (Whoops. Sorry for all the rejects, honey). Read More


MiCacao. . a Cacao Tea. . .Everyone should have some in their tea stash!

  I’ve never experienced 100% cacao tea before.  I’ve seen it in different tea blends but I’ve never enjoyed the tea on its own. I was quite excited when MiCacaco  contacted the SororiTea Sisters to see if we were interested in reviewing. I had so many ideas on how I personally could use this tea. First off, this tea on its own is amazing.  I’m not a chocolate fan but even I found myself craving this tea as an afternoon snack. Brewed up with 8 oz of prepped water, this tea will curb any sweet tooth craving you may get. Read More


Cacao Tea from Oliver Pluff & Co. . . . .

I recently found out something VERY interesting! Martha Washington and I had/have something VERY IMPORTANT in common! We both admire and appreciate Cacao! Therefore I MUST tell you more about Cacao Tea from Oliver Pluff & Co. Cacao Tea from Oliver Pluff & Co. is a WYSIWYG type of tisane! What you see is what you get – that is! The one and only ingredient in this herbal tea is roasted cacao shells. According to the company’s website Martha Washington enjoyed steeping the shells of roasted cocoa nuts from the cacao tree for the interesting flavor and health benefits. There Read More

lets go nuts

Let’s Go Nuts! from Tea Taxi . . . . .

A lot of tea companies provide nut based herbal blends. The most famous I can think of is Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA. I enjoyed that when I first tried it but quickly fell out of love with it. Unfortunately, so many other blends taste just the same. This is not like those blends. This tea is just so much better. I prepared it as an eggnog latte today, mostly because I have a whole lot of eggnog to get through and a latte seemed like a perfect choice for such a rich tea. I topped it off with some chocolate Read More