Mary chats about Francesca from Sicilian Tea Company. . . .

I’ve been hit by the mini-plague that’s been circling my world for a few weeks, you guys. I say mini-plague because truly– it’s not all that bad compared to the stomach virus/insane flu that many close to me have had lately, but still– this cold I’m rocking? I’m not a fan of it. And to manage it as best I can, I’ve been hopped up on vitamin C, broth-y soups, and triple the amount of tea I’m usually sipping (which is… a lot). I felt it first coming on at work the other day, so I immediately dug deep into Read More


Lavender with Love from High Garden Tea. . . .

I recently went to visit a friend of mine in Nashville– and of course, as with any trip, stops to local tea havens was #1 on my list. (Okay, maybe #2 after friend-reunion-bonding time. But second only to that.) High Garden is an incredible herbal apothecary tea shop, brimming with blends and jars full of single herbs, tinctures and tons of other goodies. You’ll find a ferments bar in the back (teas and treats to sample, and tons of fermented beverages– kombuchas, jin, kefir– and other refrigerated ferments filled the shop stock), and the walls are covered in vines and Read More


Nature’s Candy – Coconut Chamomile from Petali Teas

Fruit is nature’s candy– a phrase I heard said by many health-nut, earth-loving parents.  But it might just be true in the case of Coconut Chamomile from Petali Teas.  I got a taste of this blend from my Amoda Tea subscription. With rainbow colors and fun shapes, this tea almost feels like a handful of candies.  It includes green kiwi pieces, pink hibiscus, red rose hips, yellow apple pieces, almost-purple cherry slices, and bright white coconut. The fragrance of this tea blew me away as soon as I opened the bag, giving me a strong whiff of the fruity, sugary, Read More


Sunshine on the Shire from Living Books Nook. . . . .

There’s something about the whole “warm milk at bedtime” trope that has always appealed to me. I’m sure I read about it in my beloved Little House of the Prairie when I was a little girl, and ever since, this comforting nighttime ritual spoke the perfect amount of comfort meets romantic whimsy to my bookish heart. Nowadays, tea is most often my nighttime treat– but recently, I was inspired to combine the two (spoiler alert: with delicious results)! I received a sample of Living Book Nook’s Sunshine on the Shire recently– a tea as evocative in its name as its Read More


Crimson the Dragon -A Great Book/Tea Duo

Today I thought I’d chat about a different product that I just love. Combining a book and tea duo in one package! What’s even better is this is a children’s book and herbal tea duo, lending me the chance to share this experience with my kids! Let’s start with the book-Crimson and the Battle of the Lonely Mountain.   I don’t want to give too much away but this book is perfect for any child whose imagination knows no limits. I would have adored this book when I was a child.   I have two boys that I thought might Read More