Honeybush, Red Rooibos Vanilla, and Red Rooibos Chai Spice Tea Bags from Top Quali Tea. . . .

  Being the insane tea drinker I am, I want to love all of the amazing dessert honeybush and red rooibos blends that are out in the tea community.  It seems that banana flavored teas for the most part have red rooibos in them. Just makes me sad since I am not a huge fan of red rooibos and sometimes even stray away from honeybush. But when these huge boxes of honeybush and red rooibos tea bags arrived at my door, I had to prep my tea pot up because I was bound and determine to experience these teas. The Read More


December Chai By Tea Of Fortunata (Etsy Shop)

Hello Tea Friends! It is with thanks to CuppaGeek that I am able to try this tea. An exciting winter Chai blend all the way from Canada. Living in Leicester, United Kingdom I do consider myself somewhat of a Chai expert. We boast a large multi-cultural society here and we have the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India. As such with a large Asian community you can find unique family recipe Chai in many restaurants and shops. Since I was young Masala Chai has been a favourite of mine and I have tried hundreds of blends over the years. It Read More

jelly & ice cream_teapigs

Chai Spice from Jade Monk

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha) Where to Buy:  Jade Monk Tea Description: Leave It to Tanuki, the mischievous raccoon-dog of Japanese folklore, to mix the subtle spices of Indian chai and the powerful health benefits of Jade Monk® matcha green tea. Chai Spice captures the playful, unexpected spirit of Tanuki with a hint of sweetness and a balanced taste of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove. Lurking behind the complex flavor is the enhanced antioxidant power of Jade Monk® matcha, ready to help fortify the body and clarify the mind. Keep the legend alive-celebrate Tanuki and Jade Monk®, with a cup Read More