Green Tea Chai by Vahdam Teas

Steeped with a heaping tablespoon of leaves at 175 degrees in about 1 cup of water. This tea was a new experience for me! I’ve tried lots of flavored green teas, but never one where the green tea was a substitute for black tea in a chai blend. As a result of this tea, I’ve realized how different these spices are outside of a conventional chai context and how much I take the black tea base for granted in chai blends! As it steeps, I can detect a fragrance of spices; it smells like cinnamon and possibly cloves. The tea Read More


Golden Turmeric Loose Leaf Chai from Chico Chai #VeganMoFo2016

We are starting to wind down our Vegan MoFo prompts, only have a few days left but it sure has been fun to match up tea with our vegan friends at Vegan MoFo. Today’s prompt was a bit harder to match up but I think we did it in a way. Today’s prompt was to recreate your favorite food memory. While there are lots of teas out there that can conjure about memories from our past, today I thought I’d chat about a tea that I’m absolutely going nuts over and have for some time! Let my love for all Read More


December Chai By Tea Of Fortunata (Etsy Shop)

Hello Tea Friends! It is with thanks to CuppaGeek that I am able to try this tea. An exciting winter Chai blend all the way from Canada. Living in Leicester, United Kingdom I do consider myself somewhat of a Chai expert. We boast a large multi-cultural society here and we have the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India. As such with a large Asian community you can find unique family recipe Chai in many restaurants and shops. Since I was young Masala Chai has been a favourite of mine and I have tried hundreds of blends over the years. It Read More