Candied Yams from Bluebird Tea

There’s something supremely fun about unusual seasonal blends that only come out at the most festive times of year. When I heard about the blend, Candied Yams from Bluebird Tea, I had to get a taste.   So, Candied Yams?  I’ve had my fair share of mashed sweet potatoes (yams) and squash with butter and brown sugar, and the sweet, earthy, orange mash is a delicious side to any holiday dinner.  (We’ve even forgotten to put the sweet potatoes out during dinner one year, and ate it with spice cookies during dessert, and they were still a winner).  No wonder Read More


#FanaticFriday: Roasted Pumpkin Carrot Cake Houjicha from A Quarter To Tea

We at SororiTea Sisters love all things fall! So today we are fanatic about fall! Tis the season for all things pumpkin to start coming out. And I love it. I’ve always been a pumpkin fiend to the point where my mom would have to make me pumpkins pies for my birthday cakes back in the day. . .and my birthday is in March! So this tea was a no brainer for me to order. If you haven’t checked out A Quarter To Tea yet and enjoy fun and unique  flavored teas, I highly recommend you take a moment and see Read More


Carrot Cake Rooibos from Fusion Tea Company

Tea Type: Rooibos Where To Buy: Fusion Tea Room Product Description: We start with organic rooibos as perfect base and add cinnamon, walnuts and finish it off with real carrot bits. Add cream and sugar to cure your craving with hints of this prennial favorite. Packed with healthful antioxidants and naturally caffeine free you don’t have to feel guilty enjoying this wonderful herbal blend. Ingredients: Organic rooibos, real carrot bits, cinnamon, and walnuts. Tasters Review: What a creative blend of flavors this is!  The aroma and taste are what you would expect for a Carrot Cake Flavored ANYTHING which I Read More