#MusicAndTeaMonday: Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea

Our Sister’s Thoughts:

I realize that Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea was from their November 2015 offerings but I thought it was a fun way to introduce one of many new #hastags we are introducing here at Sororitea Sisters.  Soon – you will see which new hashtags we will be doing and if you feel compelled to jump in please do so on your choice of social media!  


#MusicAndTeaMonday: Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea is today’s featured tea.  


After chatting with fellow Sororitea Sister Nichole and finding out not only do her and I share the same birth year – we share the same birth month as well.  I did a bit of word association with this tea.  Squash = Pumpkin…Smashing Pumpkins…YAY!  I was always a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins!  Therefore I thought this would be fitting for #MusicAndTeaMonday: Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea.

Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea offers a sweet and tart flavor combo along side a sturdy black tea base.  My favorite part of this tea is that you can clearly see the ingredients.  Large chunks of cranberries and squash!  There is an earthy end sip that lasts on to the aftertaste.  I think more companies should incorporate squash into their teas!  Won’t you join us for #MusicAndTeaMonday? Remember to use that hashtag as well as #sororiteasisters on your social media of choice!


1979 Smashing Pumpkins
#MusicAndTeaMonday: 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins


The Scoop on this Cuppa. . . .

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Handmade Tea

Tea Description:


Cranberry and Squash begins with a smooth and creamy black tea base from the Fujian province in Southeastern China. Next, dried cranberry pieces get added to the mix. This adds tart and sweet notes to the blend. The sweet notes of the berries nicely complement the base tea. Finally, fresh dried Butternut Squash gets blended in for an earthy rich flavor that harmonizes beautifully with the sweet notes from our cranberries.
Learn even more about this tea here. 

Butternut Pie Flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Butternut-Pie-MatchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

The full bodied and bold Butternut pie taste gets its true edge of excitement with the addition of oriental Matcha to turn it into a truly thrilling culinary delight. Nothing comes close to the sensation that creamy Butternut pie Matcha delivers to its many takers. This delectable delight can be wildly popular across any age groups because it distributes different unique benefits depending on who is enjoying it. To the young in age, this bold tasting treat delivers sweet satisfaction and a yearning for more. To the young at heart this cherished treat delivers youthful enjoyment and leaves an unforgettable aftertaste.

Learn more about this flavored matcha here.

Taster’s Review:

It’s Matcha Latte time, and for this afternoon’s Matcha Latte, I decided to go with a flavor that’s perfect for fall:  Butternut Pie Flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea!  Having previously tried Red Leaf Tea’s Pumpkin Pie flavored Matcha and reviewing it, I felt confident that I’d also enjoy this butternut squash variety.  After all, butternut squash tastes very much like pumpkin.

And this is really good.  In fact, I think that I might like this Butternut Pie Matcha better than the aforementioned Pumpkin Pie Matcha.  I get a more clearly defined flavor of the butternut squash here than I recall tasting with the pumpkin pie – although in fairness to that flavored Matcha, it has been a while since I have tasted the Pumpkin Pie Matcha.  But, I remember the Pumpkin Pie Matcha to have a bit more spice to it than this does … here, I taste a stronger note of butternut squash and not so much of a spice note.

Some of the more note-worthy flavors I’m tasting with every sip are the sweet notes of squash with hints of a nutty flavor, and a low note of a buttery, pastry-like flavor.  I taste the sweet, vegetative note of Matcha and it melds beautifully with the squash notes.  The sweetness of the squash seems to enhance the natural cacao notes of the Matcha, and you know I’m loving that!

This particular batch of flavored Matcha was crafted using the classic grade of Matcha from Red Leaf Tea, and a robust level of flavoring.  My usual go to specifications are the classic grade of Matcha with a distinctive level of flavoring, however, I received a sampling from a friend who chose the robust level of flavoring, and I’m actually really glad that she did!  I like how the butternut notes really shine through.

That said, I am finding that the robust level of flavoring does obscure the flavor of the Matcha just a wee bit.  Not enough for me to really complain about because I can still taste the Matcha, and because the flavor of the Butternut Pie is just so tasty that it’s difficult to find fault with this chawan full of Matcha goodness.

As I mentioned above, I did prepare this as a latte, using mostly water to prepare the Matcha in the traditional way:  first, I measure and sift the Matcha into my chawan, and then I pour in a small amount of hot water and whisk until the water is incorporated, then I add the rest of the water and whisk until the consistency is smooth.  Then I added a small amount of warmed half & half to the chawan and stirred in the half & half with a fork.  The Latte came out smooth, rich and creamy, with a nice amount of froth on top.  The final ratio of water to half & half ended up being about 3 parts water to 1 part half & half.

This would be tasty prepared traditionally (without the half & half) but, I find that the addition of the dairy helps to bring out a sort of creamy, almost ‘whipped cream’ element to the drink and I really enjoyed that – it made for a delicious autumnal treat!