Blue Roses Tisane from Paper Box Goodies

bluerosesTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy: Paper Box Goodies

Tea Description:

A floral blend with Roses, and an exquisite blue flower from Thailand called the Butterfly Pea Flower, which gives a blue color to the tea, as well as a mild flavor of its own! If you’re a fan of floral, this one’s for you!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This may be my favorite offering yet from Paper Box Goodies.  I have recently discovered butterfly pea flower teas.  Not only are they sweet with slight floral notes, they turn the water blue.  Bright blue! So fun!

Leslie @Paper Box Goodies created a beautiful slightly floral tea with hints of sweetness and a touch of lemon.  Such a delicate tea and one that I’m really enjoying.

If you have read my reviews of Paper Box Goodies’s tea, you have already read about Leslie @ Paper Box Goodies’s attention to detail and how it isn’t wasted on me.  Each tea bag has a hand written note on gorgeous paper that gives you the skinny on the tea and her recommendations for steeping it.  Along with each tag is an adorable shrinky dink that she has created.  I have yet to thrown one of those adorable shrinky dinks away.  I’m saving them for a craft project! Her tea bags have completely impressed me and they are becoming a staple in my cupboard.

The tea bags that Leslie uses for her tea allow the tea drinker to see the ingredients in the tea.  Her tea bags turn clear as soon as you submerge them in the water.  So when I prepped this tea up with water at 212F, the bag became clear and I was able to see the beautiful assortment of ingredients and yes. . my water turned blue!!

I did let this cool for a moment and took my first sip.  Sweet with a soft delicate lemon background and notes of floral singing in the background.  Perfect.  Simple yet providing you with vibrant flavors and an invigorating tea.  This tea would be perfect for tea enthusiasts that may not think they like floral teas or for someone trying floral teas for the first time.  The floral notes are so subtle but lend themselves to such a sweetness. I have now tried this tea both as a hot tea and an iced tea.  The results were amazing both ways.

Another fantastic tea Leslie! I would love to see a tea like this served at a tea party.  I could see this tea wowing the participants! Leslie-Keep up the good work!

Organic Herbal Blue Tea from Blue Chai

Blue Tea BlueChai Tea - Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers - Blue Tea FlowerTea Type:
Herbal Tisane/Blue Tea

Where to Purchase:
Blue Chai

Product Description:

Discover the amazingly deep blue color and experience the smooth, floral flavour of our best butterfly pea flowers.
The luscious aroma will remind you of green tea, yet Bluechai’s blue tea is a herbal tisane that is refreshing, cleansing, without any caffeine and unique in color and taste. It’s wonderful hot or iced.

Tasters Review:
Here at Sororitea Sisters we LOVE finding a new kind of tea or tisane base and when we were contacted by the folks over at Blue Chai we really didn’t know what we were in store for.  At first I thought it was just a ‘pretty name’ for a tea company and I was thinking ‘Chai”.  BUT…this was more than a tisane or a ‘blue tea’ it was an experience!  This is the first time I have had “Blue Tea” and I will say I’m impressed.  Not just because it’s a good tasting tisane – it’s fresh and like flowers and peas – and lucky for me I LOVE the taste of fresh peas…it’s also because this is a full experience that goes beyond any tisane I’ve ever had thus far!

What might seem ‘simple’ turned out to be amazingly beautiful and somewhat ‘trippy’.  But I wouldn’t want it any other way!  THE ingredient in this tisane is 100% Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers also known as Clitoria Ternatea.

If you do ONE thing today make sure it’s THIS…check out these AMAZING photos from their site!  They load a little slower but it’s totally worth the wait!

Of course I’m drinking some more of this as I type this and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s putting a smile on my face and changing the way I look at the day ahead.  Pretty powerful words for a tisane, eh!?  The aroma of this is soft and subtle floral and sweet pea combination.  The color post infusion is an insanely dark blue color which I LOVE.  The taste is much like the aroma…softer, sweet, and subtly floral.  It doesn’t leave much of an aftertaste which I appreciate and NO it’s doesn’t turn your tongue BLUE!

The website is a plethora of information, folks, so be sure to check it out!  One thing I’m interested in – is the following bit of info I found on their site…

But don’t just drink this tea, use it in cooking, baking – perhaps add it to oatmeal … really! The blue color of the tea can be used as natural, organic food coloring to make blue rice for example.  Enjoy Bluechai hot to create comfort, calmness and warmth or add ice and lemon juice to get a mouthwatering drink that refreshes and revitalizes.

How AWESOME is that?  And if you check out the photos you will see a lot of those examples!  Natural and organic food coloring?  I’m TOTALLY there!  I just might have to purchase a larger bag of this for non-sipping and to try and tinker with – anything from crafts to creative cooking!  I can safely say – I’ve never been this EXCITED about a Tisane before!  WOW!  What an experience!