A Trio of Peach Teas from Beleave, Rishi, and Teavana. . . .

Who knew I had so many peachy teas in my cupboard?  Let’s look at a spontaneous peach tea trio! Pinkies Up Peach from Beleave Teas Leaf type: white tea This is a white tea with peach pieces and added flavors.  The dry leaf smells fruity and juicy without being artificial.  When brewed, the white tea base is smooth and buttery and pairs perfectly with the bright sweet peach overtones.  White tea and peach are a winning combination.  Black tea blends tend to get too tart or overbearing against the sweet fruit.  Pinkies Up Peach from Beleave would make a great Read More


Persian Plum Rose Black from Blossom. . . . .

I’m TOTALLY LOVING THIS TEA! So much so that I slapped it on one of my personal TOP TEN LISTS even before I gave it a proper review! The tea I’m referring to is Persian Plum Rose Black from Blossom! It smells AMAZING as soon as you open the bag! I ALMOST didn’t want to infuse it – it was THAT amazingly-scented! But I did – and I’m glad I did! It was incredible! Persian Plum Rose Black from Blossom is an exotic black tea blend with sultry notes of plum and rose petals, and a pleasant finish of cardamom Read More


An Early Taste of Spring with Mountain Oolong Spring. . . . .

Mountain Oolong Spring from Mountain Tea Co. is truly a springtime tea.  In the spring, everything blooms and bursts into life, and you can evoke this feeling by brewing a cup of this tea in your kitchen at home.  I’ve had quite a few teas that smell like jasmine or rose, but this tea lights up with the fragrance of less typical flowers, soft and feminine like baby’s breath or lily of the valley. Putting your nose into a cup of this tea will envelop you with this relaxing, perfumey sensation. Beyond the flavor of flowers, there are nutty and Read More


Jasmine Green Tea from Pipers Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Piper’s Loose Leaf Tea Tea Description: A delicate tea, our unique JASMINE blend is made with the finest Japanese Sencha (pan fired green tea), whole jasmine flower blossoms and enhanced with pure jasmine oil.  Take a moment out of your day to savor its sweet aroma and classical floral tastes. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: I just received the most lovely package from Piper’s Loose Leaf Tea.  When I contacted them, they asked me which teas I’d be most interested in and I noticed they had a jasmine green Read More


Cherry Blossom Green Tea from Lemon Lily

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Lemon Lily Tea Description:   One scent of this tea will encourage your senses to indulge in this Japanese delight.  One sip and you’ll be whisked away to Kyoto for the Cherry Blossom festival.  *plane ticket sold separately. Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Rose Petals, Natural Cherry Flavour Learn more about subscribing to Postal Teas here. Taster’s Review: My tenth edition of the Postal Teas subscription arrived a few days ago, and I was happy to see that more of Lemon Lily’s teas were being featured, especially after having been subjected to three (yes Read More