Blackberry Maple Waffle from The NecessiTeas. . . .

About ten years ago, I bought a package of loose-leaf black maple tea from a lovely tea house in California. The first time I tried it, with the usual milk and sugar, I had it with French Toast for breakfast. I felt like I was drinking a cup of maple syrup. Yikes! This may have caused me to shy away from maple flavored tea for a time – or at least to consider serving it with something more savory.

Flash forward to May 2017 when I received my first order from The NecessiTEAS. I ordered a variety of their creative flavors, which arrived in very nice tins. Among my selections was Blackberry Maple Waffle Tea. When I opened the can, I was delighted by the cuteness of the tiny dried blackberries in the tea. I made a pot for breakfast (savory scrambled eggs this time), and was very impressed with the flavor of the tea. Besides the real blackberries, the black tea contains bits of waffle cones – and maple, of course. There is a really nice balance of each flavor. The sweeter flavors blend well with the boldness of the black tea. The berries give it a tangy kick. It is delicious with milk and sugar, and also refreshing as an iced tea.

This well-done blend has quickly become a staple in my tea cabinet. And it pairs well with savories AND sweets!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  The NecessiTeas

Why wait until breakfast time to enjoy the flavors of hot buttery waffles, topped with sweet maple syrup, and warm blackberry compote! Add some rock sugar and splash of milk to this brew to enjoy the steamy hot homemade flavor of juicy, ripe berries topping thick fluffy waffles, without the calories!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Let’s Chat About Blackberry Cold Brew from Oliver Pluff & Co

Blackberry Cold Brew from Oliver Pluff & Co consists of Orange Pekoe Black Tea Leaves, Blackberry Leaves, and Blackberry Flavoring and was created for cold brew. What’s really neat is if you purchase the 3oz (85g) it not only brews 3 gallons worth – it comes with an extra large wire mesh filter ball! The instructions for cold brewing in half gallons are clearly stated on the label/tin and on the website which are both handy.

Even COLD – Blackberry Cold Brew from Oliver Pluff & Co – was even better than it was hot but then again that is probably what this company had in mind, hence, the “Cold Brew” in the tea name.

Though Blackberry Cold Brew from Oliver Pluff & Co was MADE for COLD BREWS I rebelled and also tried it HOT. I made a single cuppa and it was delightful! There was just enough blackberry flavor to it! The black tea base was of a more gentle-medium strength which I appreciated. The flavoring didn’t stomp over top of the black tea base! Woot!

I really DIG the labels, tins, and tea offerings from this company. We have some flavor combos coming up in near future reviews that I think you will find interesting. They are herbals, tisanes, and spice and fruit flavor combos mostly, but we also have a gunpowder on tap, too!

Blackberry Cold Brew from Oliver Pluff & Co is certainly something I would recommend for anyone who likes to cold brew but also for anyone who likes a flavored black tea where the flavor and the black tea base ratio is nicely done and not OVER done like some tend to be. Two thumbs up on Blackberry Cold Brew from Oliver Pluff & Co from me!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Flavored Black Tea
Where to Buy: Oliver  & Pluff Co.

Blackberry Cold Brew – a Refreshing Black Tea Blend with Blackberry Leaves

Description:  Tea. Water. Pitcher. Cold. Cold Brew by Oliver Pluff & Company- fruit-forward teas easily brewed by steeping in cold water.

Contents: 3oz Blackberry black tea in Cold Brew Tea Tin comes complete with a large wire mesh tea brewing ball.

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Blackberry Cobbler from Pinch of Geek

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went out and had a mixed berry cobbler for dessert. We weren’t even that hungry, but we ate nearly to the point of tummy-explosion because it was just that good.

This tea tastes just like that ‘zert. The rooibos and spices make up the crumbles, and the rich berries fill in the rest. There are no artificial flavors in this, and you can really tell.

It’s like wandering around on a hiking trail and stuffing them into your mouth.

And wondering about whether that’s okay. Trails are always like “take only photos; leave only footprints.”

But what about a belly full of blackberries? Because I am basically foraging like a cavewoman every time I spot berries in the wild. My mouth and hands are covered in blood-like stains. Like I committed a heinous crime out there.

What I’m saying is basically that I love blackberries, past the point of acceptability, and this tea channels that. The people in charge of this blog definitely chose the right recipient for this tea. Except they only sent me ONE BAG, which was a little cruel. I’ve had my cup, and now I’m sniffing the mug in sadness. Next time I’m running low on tea, I’m definitely snapping this up.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos/Black Tea Blend
Where to Buy: Pinch of Geek

Blackberry Cobbler is a secret blend of black, chestnut, Thai, and rooibos teas with dried blackberries and spices including cinnamon. It smells of holidays and home. Lovely blend especially when served with a touch of sugar and cream!

The tea has caffeine but no added sugar. The tea will appear brown from the very real spices added! This is not an artificially flavored tea because it is an actual blend of spices, fruit, and tea that taste and smell of the real thing.

Due to the complex blend or fruit, tea, and spices, this tea is only available in bags.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

My First Experience with a 52Teas Monthly Box. . .

52teas3_1430856114__73092Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Variety

Where to Buy: 52Teas

52Teas was named 52Teas because we create a new tea every week:  a new tea, every week, 52 weeks a year.

By subscribing to our Tea of the Week program, you’ll receive a package once a month (at the beginning of the month) that includes all of the teas in our taster size (1/2 ounce pouch) for the following month.

Learn more about subscribing here.

Taster’s Review:

52TeasBoxI’ve reviewed a ton of 52Teas for SororiTea Sisters and CuppaGeek. I love them and highly recommend their teas.  When you purchase from 52Teas, you know you are getting a quality blend that was made with love and care from someone who has a passion for tea and tea blending.

I will admit tho, I have never subscribed to the monthly service. Shame on me! Reason? Well, I am very much against red rooibos. It is one of those ingredients that (for me) once that ingredient is in the blend, it ruins the tea.  No matter what else is in it. There has only been one blend that I have enjoyed red rooibos in.   I also am not the biggest fan of ginger or chai teas so basically what I’m saying is that I’m picking up what I get. I do subscribe to Handmade Tea and Plum Deluxe so I do take a gamble here and there.  After this month’s box that I received.. . . I will more than likely start subscribing.52TeasTeas

Having never rec’d a box from 52Teas before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I loved opening the box and seeing a special note or the tea menu, outlining all the tea that was in the box and a little description of each flavor.  This is a great way to learn more about what teas are in your box at a glance.

This box featured five different teas- Blackberry Zomba Green Tea, Raspberry Almond Cookie Honeybush, Rose Mango Daiquiri, Bananas Foster Black Tea, and Coconut Flan Genmaicha.  My tea kettle is just itching to start prepping the water for these mouth watering teas!

RaspberryAlmond2My eyes went instantly to the Blackberry Zomba Green Tea. That sounded like heaven to me.   Green tea, blackberries, and other organic flavors. . .sign me up.  I quickly set the kettle to green tea setting and began the prep to check this tea out.  This tea was amazing! Simply fabulous.  Sweet yet vegetal like green tea with a gorgeous blackberry finish.  Like the description says, simple straight forward tea. And wow, is it ever good.  So good that I instantly emailed Anne and said I needed a larger size.

RaspberryAlmond3The next tea I tried was the Raspberry Almond Cookie Honeybush.  Do yourself a favor. Check this tea out right now! I’m surprised there is even some of this left.  This tea is just dynamite! I had talked to Anne about this tea and she told me it was good. I think she underrated it a bit by saying good. This tea has lovely fruity berry notes of raspberry with a solid nutty finish that gives you that baked cookie feel. Holy tea kettles! This tea is a winner and one that I may need a larger size of as well.

RaspberryAlmondI have yet to try the remaining teas due to a crazy work schedule but I will be fixing that soon.  From the experience I’ve had with these teas so far, this is a winning box.  The teas are fresh and each pops with its own unique character and flavor.  I’m crazy impressed with the presentation and the little menu you get in the monthly box as well.  A simple touch that gives the recipient a warm fuzzy and shows that the ladies behind 52Teas care!

After this experience, I’ll be signing up for sure to start receiving this box myself.  A great way to keep getting these unique and fun teas without worrying about ordering them on time and missing out. I’ve missed out on blends before.  By signing up for this box, you don’t have to worry about that!