Morning Pick-Me-Up from Tocha Teas

Good morning, Sisters and Friends! Today I’m trying a tea called “Morning Pick-Me-Up,” which is a thing I very sorely need. I had a misadventure this morning involving getting a bag of dog poop on my house’s roof, plus it’s pouring cats, canines, elephants, giraffes, and squirrels. I was good until the squirrels. My jacket isn’t rainproof. I also slept through my morning workout. To sum it up: you have NO IDEA how a Pick-Me-Up is required. ONE CANNOT FATHOM THIS DAY. And it’s only 11 a.m. This tea is super-interesting, combining a deep, smoky tea with floral elements. The Read More


Blue Lady from Zest Tea

Blue Lady from Zest Tea instantly caught my eye with the modern packaging and the idea that there is extra caffeine in the blend. I have tried Zest Tea in the past and have really loved the tea. I had high expectations for this blend. Black tea, cornflower petals, hibiscus, orange, lemon, and passion fruit flavors are lovely packaged into each sachet. This blend has a lovely citrus slightly fruity note while steeping. I steeped the tea with boiling water and allowed the tea about 3 minutes to create the lovely brew. My first sip was a solid sturdy black Read More


Morning Pick Me Up From Tocha Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Black Where to Buy: Tocha Tea Tea Description: The fragrance of purifying Osmanthus flowers is the perfect complement to the subtle sweetness of whole leaf black tea. Quench your thirst and revitalize your spirit with this smooth, full-bodied blend; ideal for kick-starting your morning or uplifting your afternoon.   Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: A few months back, I won a contest that Tocha Teas was having on their Instagram page. I was ecstatic! I didn’t know a whole lot about their teas, but just by the name alone, I couldn’t wait to try them. Read More


Awake from Tazo Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  Tazo Tea Description: A breakfast-style black tea of malty boldness and bright flavor, invigorating any time of day. The sun peeks over the horizon through the clouds, a star streaks undetected across the sky and the world begins anew. This bold and flavorful blend of black teas will send you down the day’s path wondering where it will take you and if it’s possible to bring along a friend. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: This is another tea from my tea stash that for some reason I seem to have a Read More