Black Licorice Chai from Harlow Tea Co

This is my first time reviewing a tea for SororiTea Sisters and I am SO excited!! It’s a lovely Wednesday morning as I write this, and this morning I will be drinking and reviewing the Black Licorice Chai tea from Harlow Tea Co. This blend of ingredients, from red rooibos and whole clove to anise seed and cinnamon chips, is unlike any I’ve ever heard of. I’m very excited!!

The scent is bold, warm, and energizing. Now, it’s time to brew!!

Alright, preparation finished and now – time for tea and time to taste!! My first sip was surprisingly smooth. The bold, warm scent made me think that this tea would be a bit harsh. I am glad that it’s not!! I was right about the energizing scent, as there’s a slight tingle that lingers on your tongue for a moment. I am guessing this is from the anise seed and ginger root. I love this!!

I cannot taste the cinnamon, however the whole clove and cardamom is the perfect amount of spiciness, so I don’t mind.

Does this tea taste like black licorice?? Yes!! The chai is pleasant, and perfect for a morning cup of tea (and or an energizing afternoon boost), which is high praise coming from someone who normally needs caffeine, which red rooibos doesn’t have!!

If you enjoy a warm, mellow, tingly tea – definitely give Black Licorice Chai from Harlow Tea Co. a try!!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos/Herbal
Where to Buy: Harlow Tea Co


Black Licorice Chai Loose Leaf Tea

This chai tea takes so many different notes from spices such as cardamom, clove, chicory root, cinnamon, and ginger. What takes it over the edge is the anise seed!

Not all tastes are made equal, red or black licorice is always an argument in the house!

Red rooibos, cardamom, clove, anise seed, chicory root, cinnamon chips, and ginger root.

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