grantham breakfast blend

Have a cup on Lord Grantham with Downton Abbey Tea Blends #RebpulicofTea

Grantham Breakfast Blend is one of the Downton Abbey themed teas from The Republic of Tea.  This blend is built from a strong assam base with added ginger, meant to be masculine and just a touch fiery.  The ginger came to life right as I poured hot water on the leaves, surprising me with an almost-chai smell for a moment.  As the tea steeped and cooled, the assam really took the lead, providing deep and malty black tea tones. This tea echoes Lord Grantham, pictured on the tin, clad in upper-class white-tie attire.  Both the man and the tea are Read More


Holy Basil: The Secret Ingredient to My Fave Detox Tea

Fresh basil is the stuff of summer, plucked from the garden for added depth to sandwiches, or pressed between mozzarella and tomatoes for a caprese plate. Daily Detox tea from the Tea Can Company doesn’t have that kind of basil, but the smell of the dry tea leaves did bring me back to fresh summer days in our family herb garden. Instead, the ingredient this tea is Tulsi, holy basil. There are other ingredients like rose hips or spearmint, but they take a back seat to the strong, forward flavors of lemon myrtle and holy basil.  I was surprised– usually Read More


TeaEqualBliss’s Top Ten SURPRISING Teas of the Moment. . . . . .

Basil Lemonade Oolong from Pekoe Sip House * Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Tea Blend from Simpson & Vail White Christmas from Full Leaf Tea Company * Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends Bittermelon Stuffed with Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong from Yunnan Sourcing Forest Song 2016 Sheng Puerh Maocha from Global Tea Hut Ginger & Lemon Myrtle from Lupicia Bianca from The Necessiteas Really Root Beer from Nelson’s Tea Pumpkin Spice Latte Genmaicha from 52 Teas * These tea reviews have NOT gone LIVE the day this post was written.  Please check back soon for FULL length reviews! These Read More

masala chai

Super Starling Enjoys A Hearty Chai from Choice Organic Teas. . . .

This tea comes in… a bag? A BAG? WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE TAKE ME FOR? A PEASANT? (Just kidding. Great teas can come in bags.) This chai has one of the heartiest, butchest bases I’ve ever had. It’s described as a “malty Assam” on Choice’s site, which I think is apt. That phrase is better than anything I would have typed on my own. What I would have typed is: “This is a rugged-man base tea. Not smoky, like the Marlboro Man. More like Wolverine, after a long day of fighting villainy. He comes home to a dark, crusty bread Read More


Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden Tea Leaf. . . .

This oolong is Today’s Blessing. It’s the 4th tea I’ve tried today and the first I’ve liked. I was starting to despair that my taste buds were dead. But no — this tea is a lifesaver! It’s a yummy oolong (my new favorite jam) with a sweet honey/nectar tang. It tastes like the spring. This distinct flavor is from the leafhoppers interacting with the tea leaves. Let me save you a Google, friends. A leafhopper is a little vegetarian insect that is super-into sap and sweetness. When they bounce around from local nectars onto the tea leaves, they spread that Read More