A Dark Night Orange Spice Pu’erh from Plum Deluxe. . . .

I’ve always been a black-tea-with-milk-and-sugar kinda girl (thanks, semester abroad in London!). Now, as the years have passed, my tastes have matured, and I’ll happily venture out to less traditional teas and more traditional preparations, but there’s something about a bold black tea paired with creamy + sweet that gets me right in my cozy, nostalgic heart. So you can imagine my bummer when I was recently put on an allergy test for to be without my beloved coconut milk (the only “milk” left that I could tolerate) for thirty days. SOB. As there’s a silver lining to every cloud, Read More


North from Metolius Artisan Tea

If you would have told me a few weeks ago that North from Metolius Artisan Tea would be an herbal tisane that I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about I would have called you CRAZY. I mean…I’m pretty finicky when it comes to herbal tisanes. Let’s face it…they’re NOT really tea. I’m not saying that as a slam it’s the technicality of it, folks! North from Metolius Artisan Tea is a REALLY AMAZING Herbal Tisane. One that blew me away and I will not be able to say enough about. North from Metolius Artisan Tea is Read More


The Time is NOW!

For those of you who are waiting for the right time to check out my Kickstarter Campaign and contribute, that time is NOW!  We are nearing the end of the campaign, and we still have a LONG way to go to reach our goal! So, I thought I’d take a moment to answer some questions that you might have. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section! Why have we launched the Kickstarter campaign?  What’s it all about? A couple of months ago, I was approached by Frank from 52Teas (aka the Chief Read More


Daughter’s Ring Early Spring Green Tea (Ming Qian Nu’er Huan) from Teasenz

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Teasenz Tea Description: A farmer needs to work seven days, just to produce about 1.5 kg of this artisan tea, picking only the most-tender leaves from large-leaf tea trees in Simao, Yunnan. Afterwards, each ring is carefully hand-rolled piece by piece, requiring patience and mastery of advanced tea processing skills. A pure organic and luxury green tea. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Beautiful!  These leaves are so amazingly graceful!  They are rolled in perfect little rings, and the leaves feel soft and fluffy as they’re still covered with their downy Read More


Golden Stars from Butiki Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas Tea Description: Our Golden Stars are handcrafted and tied into the shape of a star. This tea originates from China and is a smooth full-bodied tea that is juicy, buttery, and vegetal. Notes of sweet fresh spinach and artichokes can be detected as well as light lingering lemon notes. This delicate tea is delightful and refreshing. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: These clusters – these stars – are interesting.  They appear to be hand-sewn, I can even see the thread.  They form a little star shape, and Read More