Strawberry Lemonade Matcha from Motion Matcha. . .

Today I thought I’d check out a flavored matcha from Motion Matcha. I love flavored matcha but they are hard to find. There are a few companies that make them and do a pretty good job, but I’m always on the hunt for more. I’ve had flavors like banana, Bavarian Cream, peanut butter, to be honest, the most unique and different flavors can make an incredible cup of matcha.  So trying a Strawberry Lemonade Matcha fits right in with my matcha routine.

Motion Matcha is a company that offers different flavors like Pomegranate Berry, Orange Vanilla, and they do offer a non flavored version.  This is my first matcha to try from them and I’m not going to lie. I’m quite excited!

I prepared this matcha to the recommendations on the back of the package and sat down to enjoy. This matcha has a darker look and feel than the regular matcha. I wasn’t sure if that was due to the flavorings, but it didn’t detour me from enjoying my cuppa.

My first thought was that there was a definite solid lemon flavor with a strawberry finish. The matcha didn’t seem to mingle as well as I would have liked but that could have been how I prepped the cuppa. The flavors of the strawberry and lemon (lemonade) did deliver a unique twist for sure, but I just can’t say I loved it. I have a feeling that if prepped to be a matcha on ice this would be dynamite. Maybe even with a spot of cream added in to create a smoothness.  Or even a scoop of ice cream. Definitely a fun matcha to experiment with for sure!

As it sits now, it seems like I have two different drinks. The vegetal matcha taste and then a strawberry lemonade on the side. But again, it could have been how I prepped it.  This is one that I would love to order more of just so I can experiment to get that flavor where I like it.

And just for our readers, Motion Matcha is offering an amazing deal! Use TSISTERS at check out and take advantage of a Buy 2 get 1 free offer.  The offer is only good through November 28th so act quickly.  I’m hoping to place an order in the next month or so to try more of their flavor matcha and get to experimenting!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Matcha Motion (Link to their Store)
  • TRY THEM ALL: Don’t know which flavor you are? This is your answer. Contains 1 packet each of Strawberry Lemonade, Pomegranate Berry, Orange Vanilla and Just Matcha
  • A SMOOTHER FLAVOR: Matcha can be very “earthy”. Real fruit powder, natural flavor and a touch of sweetness balance this out
  • ENJOY MATCHA ANYWHERE: The single-serve packs are small, travel well and can be prepared in a flash
  • MORE MATCHA FOR YOU: Two grams of premium Japanese matcha green tea per packet (a bigger serving than the typical 1-1.5 grams of many brands)

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here! (amazon link)

MatchaSticks Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha to Go from Magus Brands

MatchaSticksTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green/Matcha

Where to Buy: Magus Brands

Tea Description:

  • ✔ MATCHA WITHOUT THE MESS – Our convenient stickpacks have made enjoying ceremonial grade matcha a breeze!
  • ✔ STEEPED IN TRADITION – Enjoy the same Matcha used in traditional tea houses in Japan.
  • ✔ ORGANIC QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – USDA Organic and JAS-KOAA Organic from the oldest tea farm in Kagoshima, Japan Sourced from a Japanese National Tea Competition winning tea farm
  • ✔ 100% PURE MATCHA – NO sweeteners, NO colors, NO additives, just 100% pure organic ceremonial grade matcha. Just mix with water for clean green healthy energy to go!
  • ✔ ALL NATURAL ALWAYS FRESH – Small batch production to ensure maximum freshness. Brought to you by Magus Brands of Orange County, California.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I have been on a matcha craze for the last few days. I don’t know why. Matcha isn’t something I typically drink but will admit that I do go thru spells where I crave it.  I guess I’m in one of those moods right now.  When it comes to matcha, I’m incredibly picky.  A lot of matcha to me tastes incredibly bitter and I usually have to add in some honey to pep up the flavor.

When I stumbled upon these matcha sticks on Amazon from Magus Brands, I had to check them out. I love the convenience and idea of a to go version of matcha. I am usually prone to making what I call “matcha messes” in the kitchen when I’m scooping out the fine powder so the fact these are in a one serving pouch already delights me to no end.

To prep the matcha up, I just pour in almond milk in my blender bottle and the contents of one of the pouches, shake it up and I’m set and ready to go.  You really can’t get any easier than that. So the convenience factor gets an A+++ from me.

The flavor is exactly what you want from matcha.  Slightly sweet with a subtle bitter edge that tastes amazing.  The flavor is creamy and is simple yet completely satisfying.  This is one of those matchas that makes you want to keep drinking and drinking and drinking it. Froths up nicely and looks gorgeous!

I haven’t tried it yet with water but I’m off to do that now. This is just delicious and perfect for this summer weather! Refreshing and delightful! I’m happy!