Just “Peachy” from AKA Tea. . . .

Summer is coming and it is almost time for juicy, ripe peaches! I am enjoying that flavor early today with this delightful honeybush blend from AKA Tea. The website has a lovely recipe for making this as a sweetened iced tea and I can hardly wait to give that a try, but for today I am in need of tea FAST and it is overcast and gloomy outside. This is a great day to try this one hot! And oh man, did it ever hit the spot! This tastes just like biting into a fresh peach that is still warm Read More


Catnap from Aka Tea

I misread the name of this tea at first, and thought it said “Catnip.” Turns out I wasn’t far wrong, because this blend does actually contain catnip. It’s even more fitting when you consider that the company logo, and indeed the majority of their blends, are cat themed. Catnap is purportedly a relaxing blend, containing chamomile, mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm…and catnip. In my head, catnip isn’t something I typically associate with relaxation – it conjures images of bright-eyed, mischief-making kittens. Maybe in humans the effects are different. Noticeable amongst the dry leaf are small whole chamomile flowers, pieces of Read More


Abby’s Grey from Aka Tea

Given the prevalence of Earl-Grey-like teas, you’d think it must be an easy thing to make. As my Calculus teacher used to say, “you already know the equation. Pop the numbers in there and plug-and-chug. However, though the ingredients are straightforward, it’s a difficult thing to get PERFECT. There’s a technique. A FINESSE. A golden mean of proportions Or maybe the secret ingredient is love, as my mother used to tell us (sarcastically) when she made us dinner. (I mean, she did love us. She just hated cooking.) Whatever they’re putting in here (I don’t see “love” on the ingredients), Read More

jelly & ice cream_teapigs

Holiday Happiness from Aka Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy: Aka Tea Tea Description: Don’t you love the smell of warm sugar cookies and cinnamon? How could that combination go wrong? This tea was inspired by winter loveliness, glistening white snow, a good book by the fireplace, and the ambiance of laughter. This tea is just waiting to celebrate holiday happiness with you!  Holiday Happiness – Green tea ( Mao Jian ), cinnamon, hibiscus, jasmine, spearmint, rosehips, peppermint, anise seed, rosemary, and natural flavoring Learn more about this tea here.  Taster’s Review: After trying to unsuccessfully make a protein matcha smoothie, I needed something to Read More

jelly & ice cream_teapigs

Mint Yerba Mate (Herbal) from Aka Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Yerba Mate Where to Buy:  Aka Teas Tea Description: Need some energy and focus? Yerba Maté has been shown to help the body digest carbohydrates (more energy!), burn calories from fat, and delay the buildup of lactic acid after a workout.  Stimulating to the mind, body, and taste buds, Mint Yerba Maté can’t be beat. With it’s healthy concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants, Yerba Maté has been touted as the most nutritious and balanced energy-giver, when compared to coffee, black tea, green tea, guarana, or kola nut Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Aka Teas is one of my newest love Read More