On the 12th Day of Christmas 52Teas Sent To Me (Spoilers!)

So its finally here. The last tea in the set of the 12 Teas of Christmas from 52Teas. This is actually my first time enjoying this popular advent style calendar and I have to say I will be getting this next year for sure.  From the fun way you scratch off the sticker each day to not really knowing what the tea is going to be, it just brings a bit more festive love into your daily tea.  At least it did for me! Again, if you are following along and haven’t scratched off your 12th Day of Christmas tea. Read More


On the 11th Day of Christmas 52Teas Sent to Me (Spoilers)

Today and tomorrow.  That is all we have left in our 12 Teas of Christmas. What a wonderful way to count down the holidays. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this promotion and hope that I can partake next year as well. Each tea has been amazing and delivered on quality and taste. Can’t beat that! Let’s scratch of the sticker and found out what today’s tea is. . . . . . . Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha Wooohoo!!! This is one of my favorite creations 52Teas has ever created. I’ve loved this tea from the first time I had it years ago as Read More


On the 8th Day of Christmas 52Teas Sent To Me (Spoilers!)

Continuing with our 12 Days of Christmas countdown, today I was excited to scratch off the label and see a flavored green tea. So if you are following along and don’t want to be spoiled on what today’s tea is, you might want to stop reading here. You’ve been warned 🙂 The 8th Day of Christmas Tea is. . . ..Buttered Spiced Rum Green Tea.  Today was a day where I drank a lot of black teas so to see a green tea was such a great change of pace. This tea had all of the aroma of a typical Read More


On the 5th Day of Christmas 52Teas Sent To Me. . . (Spoilers)

Today is the 5th Day of the 12 Teas of Christmas promotion. 52Teas has done an amazing job so far and I can’t wait to see what the 5th day has in store for us. So scratch off those labels and lets see what today’s tea is. . . . The 5th Day of Christmas is. . . . . .Banana Pudding Black Tea.  Now this makes me happy. I am one of those that adores banana in my tea. It sounds odd and some people give me a funny look when I saw I love banana teas, but try one Read More


Tea Advent Calendar from Davids Tea. . . Teas 8-14

Week two of 24 days of tea! Lots of hits, a few misses– overall, I just cannot stress enough what a fun calendar this is. Every year, I wonder if the $40 price tag is worth it for something just for fun, and every year, I’m reminded what a sweet treat it is to get to open a surprise on the daily, and try a few dozen new teas all in one fell swoop. We still have ten days to go, but so far, I’m super pleased with this year’s calendar. Day 8: Organic Ginger Pear. This one has been on Read More