Review Policy

Review Policy, How We Acquire Our Teas, and A Few Other Housekeeping Notes . . .

We are open to reviewing any teas, teaware, or tea related products.

If you’re a tea company and would like us to review your tea(s), please email us at

The teas we choose to review are obtained several ways:

1.  The good old fashioned way – we buy it!

2.  We receive free samples from tea companies that ask us to review their teas or are received in exchange for a review.

3.  We share teas with others – and they share their teas with us (aka swapping)!

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Just a few notes if you are looking for us to review your teas/teaware:
  1.  Please do give us time to review the tea.  We are just as excited as you are about trying out your new tea but we do need time to sip, savor, and enjoy all while deciding exactly how we would like to review your tea.
  2. We do try and pre-schedule as many posts as possible so if you are in need of a review by a certain time frame, please connect with us so we can get a plan in place for you.
  3. Each tea we are sent, we do try to write a review since we do have several ladies reviewing tea, but we are not guaranteeing that every tea will get a review.
  4. Our reviews are 100% honest-please do not get offended if one of our reviewers isn’t 100% in love with your tea blend.  It just means it wasn’t her cuppa tea and very possibly could be someone else’s in our circle.
  5. We do not monetize this blog and feel that the teas we are sent in exchange for reviews is payment enough.
  6. And last but surely not least, this blog is ran by a group of ladies who love tea and love sharing their thoughts on tea.  This blog is mean to be a positive place for us to chat and review all things tea.  But, life does happen and sometimes even with our best intentions, reviews are not posted as quickly as we all would like.  As mentioned above, if you are in need of reviews asap, please connect with us so we can discuss a timeline and set up expectations from the start.

Thank you for your interest and we truly do look forward to working with you and sharing the word about your teas and tea company!




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