Long Jing from Lahloo

It is smooth, rich, buttery and delicious. It has a pleasant chestnut-ish flavor, slightly roasty, slightly nutty, slightly sweet – that melds together well with the vegetative quality.

Chocolate Flake Tea from TeaPigs

I’m always looking for that special chocolate tea. With this one…I can smell a bit of chocolate and it ‘brews’ into a nice dark brown liquid. It isn’t overly chocolaty-sweet or “Sickly Sweet” like they mentioned in the description. It’s a bit sweet but it’s also a little bitter – but in a good way – maybe to tone done the overall sweetness…It’s like a Sweet Chocolate paired with the natural bitterness of Cocoa…they seem to meet in the middle. The flavor isn’t very intense – I think it’s pretty good – but if you are looking for that super sweet intense chocolaty taste it might not be what you are specifically looking for.