Chai Indienne from Sands of Thyme

It’s light on aroma but not on taste! The spices are JUST RIGHT for me! The cinnamon is a little bit stronger than the ginger. The cardamom and cloves are in there too – as well as the black pepper. I appreciate these specific ingredients not being too strong. I can taste floral notes as well! The rose petals are a nice touch. The vanilla is noticeable in the middle of the sip and more-so as it cools. I applaud the vanilla in this case – it helps with the other spicy spices and really added to the mix of flavors!

Eggnog Red Rooibos from Suffuse

Overall, this is a very enjoyable cup. It’s naturally caffeine free, so it would be a good one to serve around the hearth when your family and friends are celebrating the holidays with you. I found it to be tasty as a hot beverage – I imagine it would be even better with a splash of rum in there!