PRODUCT REVIEW: Priscilla Styles Digital Stamps and Membership Celebration!

I really like the vintage look of this Digital Stamp from Priscilla Styles. I don’t really have too many Vintage Digi Stamps but I enjoyed working with it so I am sure I will be adding more to my collection soon. It reminds me of my Grandmother’s Teacups and Saucers!! Down the road I may share with you all the Teacup and Saucer that I have had since I was 5 when my Grandmother passed away. It’s been in a safe place since then. I treasure each item I have left to me by my Grandmother as she was VERY important to me! Perhaps that is why I am enjoying Priscilla Styles Tea Related Digital Stamps so much!

Earl Grey White Tip from TeaSource

The draw for me on this one is the wonderful bergamot…it’s delightful! It’s the perfect amount for me and it tastes REAL not artificial. There is a good deal of that Earl Grey Floral aroma and taste as well which is strong but true. There is an interesting mellowness or smoothness even tho it’s strong…maybe more towards the end of the sip…regardless it is good and does stand out to be a memorable Earl Grey!