TEA NEWS: Joe’s Tea Company. . . .

One of the MANY new things here at The SororiTea Sisters we wanted to do is get more Tea Industry News out to our readers. If you are a company that would like to submit a press release to us please do so we would LOVE to hear from you! Having said that…one of the bits of news-worthy emails I have seen in my inbox the last couple of months was that Joe’s Tea Company has been scooped up by English Tea Shop. Below is the email I received from Joe and I thought I would post it here to Read More


TEA NEWS: Tea Masters Cup . . . .

Something VERY exciting is happening THIS WEEK in the  World…it’s the Tea Masters Cup. The event is taking place September 25th thru the 30th in China. Check out the info below.  The Tea Masters Cup comprises events in four categories: • Tea Preparation • Tea Pairing • Tea Mixology • Tea Tasting. TEA PREPARATION    A Master competing in this category must demonstrate the skill of tea preparation by brewing and presenting to each member of the judging panel a total of two beverages: The Organizers’ Tea, a beverage prepared from a single tea sample chosen from a fixed set of samples, the Read More


Cacao Tea from MiCacao. . . . .

I don’t eat a lot of chocolate. Mostly because in the area I live there aren’t many dairy-free chocolate store-bought options. Therefore, I choose a cup of Cacao Shells or nibs instead. That is exactly what happened recently with this cup! Cacao Tea from MiCacao is pretty awesome – I have to say! Herbal chocolate tea made from the shell of the cacao bean. This Cacao Tea is 100% cocoa based and is completely natural, preservative free, and without any artificial flavors or starches. It’s also Sugar-free, Organic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan-friendly! It’s naturally sweet, naturally chocolaty, naturally creamy, and naturally…WONDERFUL! Read More


Lemon Blue Green from Mad Hat . . . . . .

This alone got me through all my presentations for finals week. The mix of rooibos and MeiLu green tea means a naturally sweeter cup with lower caffeine. I make it both hot and iced depending on the weather. I do have a lot more fun smashing the dehydrated berries after they’re heated though, and watching the indigo lines swirl into my peach colored brew. This tea also has a great resteep value, hot and iced, although I seemed to get more hot brews. It looks like there is a lot of lemongrass in the dry mix, but my first impression Read More


Creamy Honey Oolong – Embrew Tea

I will start off this review by saying that I am not the biggest honey fan in the world and I was not at all excited to review this tea. But, who knows I may be surprised. Now the tea was definitely creamy not an ounce of bitterness to be had. Now the only thing that I didn’t like about this tea was, you guessed it, the honey. Now I will say this, the main reason why I don’t like honey is because of the sickly sweet taste it has. And that taste is overpowered when it comes to grocery Read More