Kick Back and Relax with Hammock Blend from Plum Deluxe

Brewed hot, this tea is smooth and bright, with the fullness of black tea and crisp orange, and just enough vanilla to smooth out any astringency.  The tea is creamy even without milk and sugar, but not so sweet or over-flavored to come off as artificial orange-creamsicle.  In many ways this is definitely still a classic black tea.  

With a name like Hammock Blend, this tea is meant to be a cold summer beverage, so I brewed a batch hot with sugar and let it chill.  Iced and sweetened, I will say that the sugar complements the orange and cream flavors, though they weren’t any bolder after the iced brewing style.  Maybe I’m just a bit out of season for this tea and I’ll have to give it another go when I’m sweltering in July.     
Overall the flavors of this tea were a little subtle for my tastes, but would be a great choice for someone looking for a traditional black tea with just a little non-traditional twist.  It’s hard to go wrong with a splash of orange and cream.  

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Plum Deluxe

When we set out to make the perfect loose leaf iced tea blend, we knew one of our favorite flavors was orange. With a hint of “creme” vanilla flavor, it makes the most delicious iced tea, the perfect thirst quencher on a sunny day.  As the name implies, grab a cool glass of this tea and relax. Reminds you of an orangesicle without all the calories!

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Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie

Okay…full disclosure here…I’m far from being a Sweet Tea Guru so when I receive Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie I’ve been carefully planning on how to tackle this review.

I would like to explain that a bit more.  I grew up on PLAIN tea.  No matter what kind of tea it is I drink it PLAIN.  Even Chai.  I’m sure it’s because I was raised about as much of a Yankee as one could grow up!  My husband – on the other hand – LOVES Sweet Tea and grew up on that as a child.

Having said that I thought I would share with you my experiences with Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie.  First I would like to come clean and tell you that I sampled this tea straight-up, as-is, and with nothing added – because that is how I roll.

Plain and with NOTHING added this was a solid Gunpowder Green Tea.  I’m careful NOT to over infuse green teas – especially Gunpowders because they tend to get bitter.  This one worked out nicely and didn’t have the stale bitterness that others tend to have.   My plain taste test with Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie was a success!

I then broke out of my comfort zone and tried Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie ICED the way the company intended it!  I followed the instructions and decided to use NATURAL Sugar Crystals.  I first tried it with about 5 of them and it was gently sweetened.  I then added about 7 more and it really kicked it up a notch.  According to these Sugar Crystals they are in its purest form and will not take away from the flavor of the tea.  I found that to be true.

I decided to try a second infusion of this Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie and added just a few more crystals and I think I enjoyed the second infusion even better than the first.

When it comes to hot brewed – iced sweet tea – from loose leaf…Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie is a game changer!  I was blown away at how much I enjoyed this cuppa – especially for NOT being into Sweet Tea to begin with!  Excellent product!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea

Where to Buy:  Sweet Tea Junkie


Introducing the first Organic Tea from your friends at Sweet Tea Junkie. This Handcrafted Organic Green Tea is known as a Gunpowder Green, and was named such by British Soldiers hundreds of years ago due to the way that the leaves are “rolled” into balls that resembled the small pouches they would grind into gunpowder.

Hey, we know that looks and a good story are great but we’re tea drinkers here at Sweet Tea Junkie and can say with certainty that whether you want to stay traditional and drink this tea hot with no sugar, or go all southern on it and brew a gallon of Sweet Green Tea this will be the best tasting organic green tea you’ll find!

While black tea is the most popular type of tea in the United States, worldwide Green tea takes the crown due largely in part to it’s widely known health benefits and it’s popularity in Asian Countries.

The amazing thing about a loose leaf tea is that you can actually watch the leaves as they unfurl (open) during the steeping process. Our Handcrafted Organic Green Tea is no different, the fact that the leaves are tightly rolled makes for an interesting experience that you just won’t get from the big National tea brands who largely use teas that have been ground into a dust like form (ie. tea dust).

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