Molasses Spice Cookie Honeybush fromm 52Teas. . .

I used this tea as an experimental “guinea pig” in an attempt to figure out if this article was true. For those of you who are busy today, the upshot of the article was that the “scientific” best way to make tea is to microwave it. I made this tea a few weeks ago (traditionally), and forgot to review it. But I have a pretty good memory of how it was. So I decided to drop the tea into my gravity steeper and zap the whole shebang for a minute and a half. The result: weak tea that wasn’t even Read More


Sweet Dreams from BlendBee. . . .

You know when you find a tea company that you just love SO MUCH that you want to order their entire tea catalog? I have a small but mighty list– and just added one more. Blend Bee, will you be my tea-bff? I recently ordered a design-your-own blend from Blend Bee (more on that to come), and the awesome owner, Jamah, told me she thought I’d be a fan of her Sweet Dreams tea, a lemony, custardy honeybush. And she was so right! One of the reasons I love Blend Bee so much (besides the awesome aforementioned customer service) is Read More

A Honeybush Cookie Dessert Tea. . . #52Teas

Being honest, i’m scared of molasses. I use it when i’m baking gingerbread, but I just refuse to eat it on its own. I don’t know how some people just pour it over their pancakes, I feel like it smells salty and weird and it really just freaks me out. So when I saw the name of this blend I totally held off on trying it. Although, the blend did smell like spice cookies….so I decided to give it a try anyways. I could really smell the honeybush once this tea was steeped. I absolutely love honeybush and I actually Read More


Chocolate Banana Flavored Tea? We’re Listening. . . . #52Teas

There is definitely no mistaking that I don’t love banana- banana bread, banana tea, banana pancakes, banana smoothies. I just love bananas! I actually made chocolate covered bananas the other day. I dipped them in milk chocolate and covered them with crumbled graham crackers, crushed peanuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut. They were really really good. Sometimes I don’t always have the time to freeze, coat, and roll out chocolate covered bananas. Naturally, tea would be the next best option! You can always rely on 52 Teas for creativity and I know Anne (the mad tea artist at 52 Read More

smooth strawberry dream

Smooth Strawberry Dream from Tea Gschwender. . . .

This honeybush blend has caramel and strawberry in it. Can you say “nom nom nom”? Try it. Say “nom nom nom.” I will not continue this review until you do. Okay, I’m now going to assume you’ve done it. I trust you. This is a vibrant, creamy confection that tastes like frozen yogurt. Like a “strawberry cheesecake” flavored frozen yogurt. The effect is doubled if you ice your cup. This blend tastes like it should be loaded with calories, but I don’t think tea comes with calories.* So you have a great dessert substitute right here. If you don’t think Read More