Super Starling’s Top Ten Wanna-Try Teas. . . . .

I have a long list of to-try teas, but these ten take the top!

The Bees Teas, S’mores

If you click on the tea, you will notice the ingredient list:

“Black Tea, Green Tea, Cocoa Beans, Barley, Chocolate Flakes, Apple, Vanilla, Yogurt Bits, Sea Salt, Cocoa Powder, Dried Marshmallows, Graham Cracker Cookie Bits, Citric Acid”

I love teas with a ton of ingredients. What the heck is that going to taste like? Put it in my mouth post-haste.

52Teas, Patridgeberry In A Pear Tea

Speaking of ingredients… What’s a partridgeberry?! Have I tried one before and not noticed? I need to try this.

Whispering Pines, Wild Grey

“A warm, sweet citrus note mingles with creamy cocoa, sweet potato, and light spice.”

I am deeply curious about a “sweet potato” tea.

August Uncommon: Indigo

If you have several moments to spare, read this description:

“An ordinary door leads downstairs to a shoebox nightclub. Your eyes adjust to the darkness of a room dotted with candles and a spotlight. From the first sip, this tea is smoky and spiritous. At the heart of the tea, you taste burnt orange, aromatic herbs, vanilla and allspice. The tea finishes with blackberry and the pleasant bittersweetness of Italian amaro and rye whiskey. Milk mellows the tea’s smokiness and plays up its sweet orange notes. Slow insistent strains of music are muted by cascades of laughter and conversation.”

Wait. What?

Give me this. Don’t let the crazy-description train leave the station without me.

Liquid Proust, Oolong Spa

Speaking of descriptions catching my eye, this tea allegedly tastes like:

“[the] middle of [a] forest in autumn while surrounded by lavender flowers as [you’re] eating a cream puff with a dab of honey.”

Would YOU turn that experience down?

Tea Hippies, King Arthur’s Royal Tea

Here’s a historical listing:

“Sip like a true royal with this King Arthur inspired tea! It’s fun and fruity and a little bit sweet, with a hint of citrus for that true sassy character.”

Was… King Arthur… sassy?

That adds an LGBT element to the mythos I hadn’t considered.

Art of Tea, Happy

Is that a guarantee? I want assurance of forthcoming joy.

A Quarter To Tea: Tiramisu Ooolong

I don’t have any quips about this tea — just a desire to have it in my face.

Palais des Thes: Montagne Bleue


“Honey, lavender, blueberry, strawberry and rhubarb.”

Okay. You have my attention.

and, last but not least:

Harney & Sons, Fruits D’Alsace

“Inspired by the delicious Alsatian cuisine of Chef Jean Joho, this is a dessert tea with the flavors of the tree fruits from that region of France: apricots, cherries and plums.”

Call me uncultured, but I don’t know who that guy is.  The tea sounds really good, though.

What do you want to try, Internet?



TeaEqualsBliss’s TOP HERBAL TISANES of the Moment

  1. Slimming Tea from Cha Tale
  2. Muse from Tay Tea
  3. Homestead Peach by Winterwoods Tea
  4. Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co.
  5. North from Metolius Artisan Tea
  6. Golden West by Pacific Tea
  7. Tummy Mint from Yerba Buena Tea Co
  8. Tomato Tornado from Stylin’ Tea Blends
  9. Wild Jujube from Teasenz
  10. Mediterranean Mint from Armeniac Teas

Herbal Teas aren’t REALLY teas as many of us know…they are actually called Tisanes…regardless in this post I will be featuring my personal TOP TEN favorites over the past couple of months.  Of course my taste buds are totally different from the next tea lover but these are what fit my fancy as of late.  When it comes to herbal I tend of LOVE them or can live without them.  These are 10 I would highly recommend.  My Top Ten Herbal Teas or Herbal Tisanes, that is!  If you don’t see your favorite on the list let us know why you love your favorites in comments!


TeaEqualBliss’s Top FLAVORED Earl Grey’s of the Moment

  1. Winter Morning Earl Grey from Sunshine Cottage
  2. French No.7 from Blue Hour Tea
  3. Green of London – Earl Grey Mao Feng from Le Palais des Thes 
  4. Girlie Grey Tea from Jeeves & Jericho
  5. Rose Earl Grey from Red Leaf Tea
  6. William Shakespeare’s Black Tea Blend from Simpson and Vail
  7. Sir Stuart Black & Green Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee
  8. Persian Rose from Tay Tea
  9. Luna Tea from Moongleam Tea
  10. London Fog from Harlow Tea

LiberTeas will forever be the reigning champion of Earl Greys but I decided to take a stab at naming my Top Ten FLAVORED Earl Greys of the Moment – just for kicks!  These Earl Greys are FLAVORED and when I mean FLAVORED I mean they have additional or more-than-just-your-regular-Earl-Grey-flavorings going on!  They have additional or unique flavors that you wouldn’t find in a straight-up EG.  Some mentioned above even have a non-black tea base but have EG flavors so those also qualified for my FLAVORED list.  Of course MY taste buds differ from everyone elses and yours differ from mine.  These are just 10 of them that really stood out to me and I thought deserved an additional mention.  A few even went back a year or two in the archives.  If you do not see your favorites on this list – let us know in comments and we will try and locate them – and try them – if possible.


TeaEqualBliss’s TOP Flavored Black Teas of the Moment

  1. Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends
  2. Orange Cookies Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
  3. Persian Rose from Tay Tea
  4. Peach Vanilla Tea from Full Leaf Tea Company
  5. Persian Plum Rose Black from Blossom *
  6. Apple Cinnamon French Toast Black Tea from Simpson & Vail
  7. Earl Grey from Metolius Artisan Tea
  8. Pineapple Old Bay from Handmade Tea
  9. Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTea: Lemon Sweets Black from Cup of Love
  10. Lemon Myrtle from The Tea Can Company
  • * This tea review has yet to go LIVE at the time of writing this review.  Look for a full length review SOON!

Here at the Sororitea Sisters we have been asked time and time again what we would include in our TOP TEN Teas.  Since we drink SO MANY TEAS we have decided to occasionally release our TOP TEN TEAS of the MOMENT.   This is one of those posts.  This post is specifically highlighting some of the BEST Flavored Black Teas I have tasted the last few months!  Of course MY taste buds differ from YOURS but these are just a few of MANY I thought deserved a little extra push!