Be wary of the Wendigo …… Wendigo Green Tea

For those of who know the legend of the Wendigo (and those of you who played the video game Until Dawn) know that the tale is a terrifying one. To sum it up, a Wendigo is a creature that has an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Yes, it does sound grizzly but this tea is the exact opposite! The Wendigo green tea is definitely a lot more pleasant than the creature by the same name.  It has a fresh earthiness to it but it is not too in your face. And since I am more partial to black tea myself Read More


Bigfoot from Wendigo Tea Co. . . .There has been a sighting!

A classic case of me being drawn in to trying a tea because of the name. I mean…who wouldn’t want to try Bigfoot Tea? I introduce to you…Bigfoot Tea from Wendigo Tea Co. Why was I so excited to try Bigfoot Tea from Wendigo Tea Co? Well, because I live in one of the supposed ‘hot spots’ in the US for Bigfoot Sightings! It’s true! A local winery even named a wine after Bigfoot. So now I can say I have tried at least 1 tea and 1 wine that were inspired by the mythological simian, ape, or hominid-like creature Read More


Firebird Chai from Wendigo Tea Co. . . . .

Firebird Chai from Wendigo Tea Co. is a dandy of a medium strength chai! I didn’t find it too overly spicy but it still had a nice flavor to it. It contains Indian Estate black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper & all spice. I like when companies specify which black tea they use in their chai base. I’m seeing this more and more as of late. With a name like Firebird Chai from Wendigo Tea Co I was thinking it was going to be the more intensely flavored chais. This really wasn’t the case but if you look Read More


Firebird Chai by Wendigo

While sniffing this tea before steeping (what? Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this) I can definitely pick up a big whiff of ginger in the dry leaves. The leaves are better-looking than average for chai; they also have more of a presence in the blend (as far as fragrance and so on) than some do. I also observed lots of chunks of other stuff (spices?) in there with the tea leaves. The curls of dried ginger were the most noticeable of these. (And also were quite impressive. Don’t most chais just have minced ginger or something? These Read More


Firebird Chai from Wendigo Tea Co

I regret to inform you, darling Tea-ple, that there is nothing I could possibly say about this tea that has not been said better on the tea’s own description. Said information implores you to “brace yourself” for “an imposing beast” that “leaves scorched remnants of other Chai teas far below ferocious wings.” Have I just been schooled? Does Wendigo keep its own Starling! on staff? An even more super Super Starling! ? The tea’s description also touts the tea as a “unique masterpiece” that requires no additional flavoring because its base is not cheap, icky tea like other chais. You Read More