Trader Joe’s Peppermint Tea. . . .

I love peppermint tea. I love the way it both relaxes and uplifts me. I especially love having a cup when I’m having stuffy sinus issues. It just wakes me up, and makes me feel happy to start my day. I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday, and I decided to try their peppermint tea. You cannot beat the price. I paid $1.79 for a box containing twenty tea bags. They’re practically giving it away! I brewed myself a cup this morning, and knew I was going to love it as soon as the boiling water hit the tea bag. My Read More


Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s really makes some great teas at really great prices. It’s just one of the many things I absolutely love about them. This Moroccan mint green tea is no exception. I love mint tea, I love the instant perk up I feel just from taking a whiff. Mint tea actually helped me break my coffee addiction because it just was such a gentler, less aggressive way to wake up my senses. You get the best of both worlds with this tea, the mint is uplifting and energizing, and you get the little green tea energy boost. I’ve been drinking Read More


Organic Ginger and Turmeric Tea from Trader Joe’s

I saw this tea at Trader Joe’s last week, and I had to try it. I love ginger tea, and turmeric is definitely a spice I try to get in my meals at least once a day. So combining the two in one bag is perfect! This tea also has organic licorice and organic orange peel, so there are other flavors to help balance everything out! It finally was cool enough the other day to have an afternoon cup of tea. This blend is caffeine free by the way, so it’s a good bet for afternoon and evening sips. I Read More