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Dandelion Caramel Nut from Teeccino. . . . .

I first tried teeccino’s vanilla nut and fell in love. So, of course I had to try the caramel nut flavor. I really don’t know how teeccino does it, but they somehow make this delicious, caffeine free herbal tea that has the body and oomph of coffee. I’ve heard die hard coffee drinkers say they just can’t get into tea because it’s too much like dirty water. As someone who was a serious coffee drinker for years, I understand their feelings. It took me a bit of time to adjust and fall in love with tea myself. This tea is Read More


Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee Tea Bags from Teeccino

I’ve been wanting to try Teeccino for quite awhile, but I could never find it at any groceries, even health food stores. Teeccino is a caffeine free coffee alternative made with chicory root and other herbs and flavors. Some blends have carob and dandelion root as well. It’s something a lot of coffee drinkers switch to when they’re trying to lower their coffee intake. A box of Teeccino practically hopped off the shelf at Natural Grocers, and I just had to try it. I chose vanilla nut. The vanilla nut has carob, chicory, and also dates and almonds! As the Read More