Pascoe’s Woodlands Special Winter Nilgiri Frost Green from Teabox

When I hear “green tea”, I immediately think of Chinese and Japanese greens. Especially Japanese greens… ahhh~! So when I was presented with an opportunity to review a Teabox green tea that hailed from Nilgiri, India, I was intrigued and not really sure what to expec

The dried leaves are very finely ground, one can see a few leaf pieces but it is mostly pretty dusty- this could also simply be because of the package hitting a few bumps during shipping. The leaves smell a little fishy, but mostly vegetal and earthy. As it brews, it smells sweeter with a few familiar notes of grassiness.

The finished brew is a lovely cross between lime and amber colors, with a strong vegetal flavor- almost like smokey asparagus or spinach. This is a very savory and filling tea, with a hint of astringency at the finish. It honestly reminds me of eating a bunch of hearty autumn vegetables as a Thanksgiving side dish. Woohoo I feel so healthy!

As I said, I’ve never had a tea from Nilgiri before, and have enjoyed the complex and unique flavors of this brew. Experiencing a “different take” on green teas is quite refreshing! I don’t know if I would go for this tea in particular a second time as strong savory vegetal teas aren’t really my thing, but I’m certainly grateful for the introduction to Indian green teas!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Teabox


Unusually complex and sharp tasting, this green tea is not for an unseasoned palate. Because the tea leaves are pan fired, there is a strong, charred vegetal flavor to this tea that imposes itself on your senses. Its flavors can get jarring if the leaves over steep, but made right, it’s a cup that refreshes. Perfect for someone who enjoys a bold tasting tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Strawberry Spritz Iced Tea From Teabox

300Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Teabox 

Tea Description:

Strawberries – sweet and luscious – are the perfect summer treat and this tea blend is just as so.
Yielding a gorgeous brownish-red color liquor, this tea is complex, charming and subtle. Sweet aroma of fresh strawberries and mint makes the brew inviting. The mellow, silky-bodied liquor promises to render your palate with tangy flavors of strawberry and orange that linger on for the long haul Marked by a long, fruity finish, this medium caffeine tea is suited for a soothing sip throughout the day.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Strawberry Spritz Iced Tea just sounds amazing, doesn’t? It brings to mind relaxing thoughts of reading a good book while enjoying a bright and sunny day. So relaxing.  This blend is a lovely blend of black tea, strawberries, orange peel, mint, vanilla and cinnamon. Quite an array of bright and vibrant flavors.

Brewed up per the pouch instructions-190F for 5 minutes, I happily poured the brew into my mug.  I think I may have overleafed just by the aromas I’m getting from the tea. Darn!

From what I’m getting, this tea has amazing promise and may deserve a cold brew session.  There are strong sweet strawberry and orange notes in each sip. The astringent factor of the black tea base seems to be a bit stronger (again, probably due to overleafing!) than I would have liked. The rest of the flavors are mellow and give a nice background for the other flavors to pop. I wish the mint or vanilla was a tad stronger to give the tea a bit more of a complex feel and flavor.

This tea is pretty good. Even with my overleaf issue. I wish the strawberry notes or orange notes were a bit stronger, but all in all, very decent. I truly believe this is a blend that needs to be enjoyed as a cold brew.  Can’t say I would want a ton of this one but I’m very glad I was able to try the blend.

I didn’t realize Teabox offered flavored blends like this.  I’m off to see what other fun blends they have to offer! 

Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox

LavSpellTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: TeaBox

Tea Description:


Lavender, mint, sweet greens and a hint of spice


Carrot with a pink hue


Light and mellow with a hint of astringency, notes of lavender, refreshing menthol and sweet greens


Long, lavender, menthol

Topped with rich notes of lavender flower, this tea feels immensely tranquil on the senses.The black tea lends a note of menthol and astringency to the cup, which enhances the cup experience further.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

What a pleasant surprise…Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox!  Of course the aroma of Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox is that of lavender and that is only ‘helped’ by the secondary aroma of sweet greens.  When it comes to taste the lavender is first and foremost followed by a bit of menthol minty-ness.  The best part of this tea is the combo of ingredients which is black tea, lavender, and cornflower.  The cornflower – I feel – is mostly for show – but – could could possible add a bit of floral flavor to it as well.

Aside from the lovely ingredients I also love the fact that this black tea flavor base is of medium strength.  It’s NOT a wimpy black tea and that I appreciate very much.  The flavors mesh well together and it seems to awaken all of the senses!  It’s a “YES” from me…on this tea!


Winter Spice Chai from Teabox

Fullscreen capture 4182016 33441 PMTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Teabox 

Tea Description:

A perfect tea for winter mornings. Take in the warm aromas of toasted almonds and spicy ginger as you brew a cup of this decadent chai blend.
Along with the mellow sweetness of almonds the liquor has notable spice accents which make for an inviting, astringent cup of tea. Sip it plain or with some sweetener, this tea will see you through chilly winters with its comforting warmth.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tea. . .this tea has me all sorts of confused! I want to love it but there is just something holding me back .. . .

This blend is a chai blend that sounds amazing with all the right notes.  I will admit that I am not always the biggest chai fan but this one just sounded amazing and had come highly recommended.

I brewed this up per the instructions on the package and was ready to be overtaken by amazing flavors of sweetness and spicy love.  But when I took my first sip, I was greeted with a very overpowering whole mouth feel of astringent notes and not really the warm toasted almonds and spicy ginger.  I looked at the packaging again to make sure that my parameters were correct and noticed that they say to add in sugar/honey to the mix.

So I grabbed some honey and added some in (not something I do very often).  And VIOLA! Those harsher astringent notes gave way to the decadent chai blend that they describe. Sweet with a subtle punch of spiciness from the ginger.  All that you could ask for and more from a chai. Really delicious and the honey just mixes in so well. A wonderful chai for sure.

Since I had to add the honey to get the notes to pop I can’t say I would ever want to buy more or try this one again but I am very glad to have tried it and will have no trouble infusing more for another cuppa!


Namring Special Autumn Darjeeling Black from Teabox

teashotTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Teabox

Tea Description:

Autumnals from Darjeeling are known for their smooth and aromatic make. This blend tugs at the senses with its rich floral bouquet, although retrained. While light in cup, this tea impresses with its fullness.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Wow! Teabox has some pretty impressive teas and I have to say this one is fabulous and perfect for the chaotic week or so we’ve had in my family!

This tea had such a lovely almost floral aroma to it while it steeped. I steeped the tea per the instructions on the package and have to say they resulted in one gorgeous cuppa!

I love my Darjeelings for the lovely well balanced and smooth flavors they offer. I don’t like I’ve come across one I don’t like yet. This one (like I said) had a lovely floral aroma but the flavors were full blown malty with a hint of a citrus touch here and there.  One of those whole mouth feel sort of teas that really help you ease into your evening with class.  But be warned, this tea is one that will be come astringent quite quickly and will leave you with a rather mouth drying tea if you don’t goble it up while it is freshly brewed.

Another stunning example of the wonderful teas Teabox has to offer!