Sencha Sensation from T2 Tea

Sencha Sensation from T2 Tea is a flavored green tea blend with added flower petals.  Since this is a green tea, remember to keep your water temperature cooler than normal to bring out the best flavors.

When brewed, this blend smells buttery and tropical.  These flavors continue into the taste with passionfruit and citrus flavors complementing the lush and fresh green tea base. The tea is sugary from the fruitiness without being candy-like, and the end of each sip features more of the natural celery or sweetgrass flavors of the green tea leaves.

I drank this blend warm on a rainy day for an afternoon pick-me-up and the fruity and floral flavors helped sweeten my mood.  This would also be a great tea to cold brew. The cooler temperature would suit the green tea and the tropical flavors always taste better over ice.

Let yourself get swept up in the Sencha Sensation.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: green
Where to Buy: T2 Tea
Description: A blend of petals with sencha green tea produces a light floral taste and citrus aroma. A subtle flavoured green for those who like a delicate brew.

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Brisbane Breakfast from T2. . . . . .

My love of tea is obvious which means that my friends and family all know an easy gift for me: tea or teaware and I am happy. This works in my favor especially when my friends and family go traveling and bring me new things to try from all over the world. People have brought me tea from London, Paris, Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa, Israel and most recently Australia.

One of my friends from work traveled across the globe and returned with three specialty blends from T2 in Australia, including this tea, Brisbane Breakfast, a mango flavored black tea.

As a breakfast blend, this is brisker than the teas I usually drink but at least it is brisk with only a little astringency. The astringency that is present blends into the mango flavor, coming off a touch floral. The mango is sweet and true to the ripe fruit, which pairs nicely with the slightly malty black base.

This tea has the body of a breakfast tea that can help wake you up in the morning. Yet it also has a sweet fruity flavor that gets more pronounced as the tea cools, which is nice as a treat during the day. Flavorful enough to be captivating while remaining simple enough that one won’t easily bore. With teas like this, it is no wonder why the beverage is such a large part of the culture.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  T2

This tea is not on the website but click below to see teas that are.

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Pumping Pomegranate from T2

I’m in the mood for a tangy, fruity tea and I think that this one will satisfy my craving! I’m having this tea hot even though I’m sure it would be tasty iced. The scent of this tea reminds me of juice.. more specifically, cranberry juice mixed with a little apple.

Sipping… I was thinking that there would be a little bit more flavor here, but it’s rather weak and watery. I taste a mix of berries, pomegranate, cranberry and a little bit of apple. I also pick up on the tart hibiscus which I don’t really mind because I’m in the mood for something tart. If you dislike hibiscus, I would probably stay away from this blend as it’s rather prominent. There isn’t really much beyond that, though.

I’m not sure that I would buy a huge tin of this tea, but it made a nice cup for tonight. If you like tart and fruity teas that are rather straightforward, pick this one up next time you’re shopping at T2.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: T2


The essence of the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. A sweet, tangy and mystical flavour, this tea will take you on a flavour journey with its many surprises.

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Oolong Berry from T2

OolongBerryTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy: T2

Tea Description:

Raspberries combined with green oolong tea create a wonderfully fragrant and intense yet delicate flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

I had the strangest craving for a fruit tea today which is rather rare! I think it’s the snow outside that is making me crave sunshine and fresh fruit. I wasn’t expecting this tea to have such a strong scent. It smells just like a tart raspberry.. almost a little bit on the verge of a raspberry candy. I can even spot pieces of dried raspberry hidden amongst the pretty green oolong.

Sipping… ah, this tea is lovely and so fresh. I first taste the raspberry which seems to have the perfect balance of tart and sweet notes. What I love about it is that it’s not artificial, but seems like a true juicy raspberry flavor. The oolong comes gliding in after the berry with a smoother character to round out the tartness. I think this oolong on its own would be a little on the boring side. It’s a bit bland and doesn’t have many different flavors as other oolongs do. It seems like the main event in this tea is the raspberry and not so much the oolong, though. As far as letting the raspberry have center stage, this oolong is perfect.

I’m very impressed with this raspberry tea and think that it would be even better iced during the summer! If you’re a raspberry and oolong fan, I suggest you pick this up next time you’re making an order with T2. It’s bright, refreshing and a pleasant change from other fruity teas out there.