Casablanca from Soleil Tea

The scent of this tea actually surprised me as I was expecting something a little more simple. I pick up heavy spice, black pepper, fruits and flowers all just by smelling the cup. The vanilla black teas I’ve had in the past have lacked such complexity.  I take this as a good sign that this tea will taste just as interesting.

You can’t beat a classic black tea and vanilla pairing, but given the simplicity of the ingredients, I feel that it has to be done right. Sipping… I definitely pick up on a nice dark chocolate with a sweet and malty base. There is also a bit of something fruity that I can’t quite identify, but I think it’s from the Tahitian vanilla. It almost reminds me of berries? I love that the vanilla has depth and isn’t at all artificial tasting. Its sweetness blends so well with the black tea base and the light chocolate notes. Everything is nicely balanced… the black tea and the vanilla are so delicious together. I love that the black tea doesn’t overwhelm the vanilla, but highlights it instead.  If you’re a fan of black teas with vanilla and a rather complex profile, I’d highly suggest this one from Soleil Tea. YUM.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Soleil Tea


A vanilla black tea handcrafted with whole Tahitian vanilla beans and Ming Qian Yunnan gold tips.

Soleil Tea reinvents the “plain vanilla” black tea with our luxurious Yunnan Gold and whole Tahitian vanilla beans. We scent our tea in small batches for at least 30 days. The resulting cup is velvety and creamy. Decadent fragrance of vanilla weds with the rich, malty taste of Yunnan Gold to celebrate the timeless appeal of a classic blend. Holds up well to multiple steepings.

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Gold Snail from Soleil Tea

thisSNAILTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Soleil Tea

Tea Description:

A casual alternative to our Dian Hong, Gold Snail is a Yunnan black tea made with black and gold tips. This tea has a pleasant aroma of fresh cream and chocolate and a strong profile of cocoa and malt. A delicious black tea for everyday sipping.

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Taster’s Review:


I love a nice Yunnan black tea and I especially love those that have beautiful twists of black and gold. The dry leaf is fuzzy, somewhat curled and has a nice combination of black with slivers of gold. It smells a bit like hay and grass. I’m excited to see what this tea tastes like once steeped!

Once hot water has been added, the chocolate scent comes out a bit more. The hay is still present, but it seems a bit more balanced with the chocolatey sweetness. Sipping… this is a bit more bitter than I expected. There is a prominent earthy flavor that reminds me a bit like the hay I smelled earlier. It’s actually the only thing that I taste. I only detect a little bit of that dark chocolate flavor at the tail end of the sip. It seems like it blends with the bitterness that dominates the cup.

While I wish that this tea were more creamy and smooth, it is drinkable. I can see how this might be a good cup to drink first thing in the morning as it’s quite strong and doesn’t have a ton of different notes to distract you.

Eden from Soleil Tea

vanillayy_700_f-350x350@2xTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Soleil Tea

Tea Description:

Eden is a premium black tea blend scented with aged Tahitian vanilla extract and Madagascar Ylang Ylang. The liquor is richly floral with warm notes of vanilla beans and sweet spice.

Native to tropical rainforests, Ylang Ylang is known for its intoxicating fragrance akin to jasmine and neroli. Mature blossoms are picked at sunrise and steam distilled to extract the highest quality essential oil. Ylang Ylang has long been used to lower high blood pressure and promote relaxation in aromatherapy.

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Taster’s Review:


I’m eager to try this blend from Soleil Tea as I don’t think I’ve tried Ylang Ylang in a tea before. I think I’ve probably tried some kind of a body wash with Ylang Ylang scent of some kind, but I’ve never eaten it. The scent of this tea is really lovely.. quite delicate and sweet. It reminds me of a very floral perfume.

Sipping… I’m really enjoying the floral notes of this tea and the way they blend with the black tea base. Normally I avoid flowers in tea since they can be too strong, but those in this blend are quite mild. It’s a strange because they remind me a little bit of bitter orange peel, but also give off that nectar sweetness I find in most floral teas. One thing that I wish I could taste is the vanilla. It seems to be missing, unfortunately, and the focus is on the Ylang Ylang instead. I also don’t taste much of the Fujian black tea either. It’s mellow, a little watery and slightly boring.

I think this would be a great choice for someone who is just getting into blended teas and who wants to try something floral. The flavors are soft, but present. This is a very unique tea that I’d recommend especially to those who haven’t tried Ylang Ylang yet!