Tropical Mango Green Tea Latte from Sencha Naturals. . . . .

I love lattes. I am not a vegan, though, so I usually make them with milk and sugar. When I saw this, my first thought was, “Can they pull this off? Let’s see.” And honestly, I didn’t think they could do it. I didn’t think 07I was going to like it. I considered making it with milk instead of water, but decided to give it a chance as a vegan option. After all, I just got home from a lecture on The Plant Based Diet. The first sip bowled me over. Thick. Creamy. And super, super sweet. Almost TOO sweet Read More


Green Tea + C Effervescent Tea Mix from Sencha Naturals. . . . .

I love the Emergen-C packets that you add to water. As someone who rides public transportation, I drink those very often in the winter months when everyone is coughing and sniffling over my shoulder. I also drink them several times a day if I feel myself getting the sniffles. But they do have some questionable ingredients, and as a vegan I have to be careful about what flavors I buy because they aren’t all vegan. (Weird that animal products would have to be added anyway) So I was excited to try this Sencha Naturals effervescent drink mix that is vegan, Read More


Green Tea + C Ginger Citrus from Sencha Naturals. . . .

In college, my friends and I used to have a habit of drinking those vitamin C drink mixes like they were going out of style. Looking back, I recognize now that they were maaaybe nothing more than glorified Kool-Aid, but we felt pretty smug as Well Hydrated Persons with Extra Vitamin’d Superpowers. I’m not going to claim that this Sencha Naturals drink mix packet isn’t also slightly more than glorified Kool-Aid, but at the very least, this one’s got the addition of antioxidant-rich green tea in it, so I’m at minimum a little bit ahead of where college-Mary was in Read More


Get a Boost with Green Tea +C Citrus Ginger

Green Tea + C Citrus Ginger from Sencha Naturals is an effervescent drink mix made with green tea, ginger, and orange flavoring.  Like other immune-system-boosting fizzy drinks, this powder bubbles and hisses when mixed with water, like seltzer tablets.  The powder and the drink smell super spicy with ginger and tangerine citrus.  Drinking this beverage, there is a tart bite of citric acid, like the sourness in chewable vitamin C tablets.  The ginger heat comes through in the aftertaste, bringing a warm and buzzy mouthfeel. As a green tea, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product.  The green tea base is Read More


Original Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals. . . . .

So far…I haven’t tried a product from Sen Cha Naturals I haven’t liked…or should I say…LOVED!? I figured it was about time I reviewed the Original Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals. Original Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals is what the company calls ‘a true original’ because of the classic green tea latte with their own personal twist as it ‘goes​ ​nuts for coconut!’ Original Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals is perfectly creamy,​ while still being bright and vegetal at the same time. I agree with their website and product description that Original Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Read More