Blackberry Cobbler from Pinch of Geek

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went out and had a mixed berry cobbler for dessert. We weren’t even that hungry, but we ate nearly to the point of tummy-explosion because it was just that good. This tea tastes just like that ‘zert. The rooibos and spices make up the crumbles, and the rich berries fill in the rest. There are no artificial flavors in this, and you can really tell. It’s like wandering around on a hiking trail and stuffing them into your mouth. And wondering about whether that’s okay. Trails are always like “take only photos; Read More


Rose & The Doctor from Pinch of Geek

I have to say I have no personal connection with the tribute story behind this tea but I was excited to try Rose & The Doctor from A Pinch of Geek regardless! I know Nichole (AKA Cuppageek) is a major fan of the show and I have to say I am almost to the point of wanting to start the series! Perhaps this tea is the final push I need? Rose & The Doctor from A Pinch of Geek is basically an Earl Grey with a heavy load of aromatic rose petals. There are also hints of lavender and vanilla, Read More


Secret Garden from Pinch of Geek

Being one that always shies away from lavender in teas, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this tea. Secret Garden has a mix of lavender, jasmine green tea, dried roses, and rosehips. I loved all of the other components so I went ahead and gave the brew a try. Rich gorgeous floral notes comforted me as I sipped this tea down, cup after cup. Subtle romantic tones really give this tea that soothing comforting feel. The lavender is present but not overwhelming. You more or less get that familiar lavender after taste. As you drink the tea, you Read More


#FanaticFriday: Rose and The Doctor from Pinch of Geek

I will admit it. This tea had me at the name alone. Rose and The Doctor. And with a tea company name like Pinch of Geek, seriously-I was in love. But when the blend arrived at my door, I realized this was a earl grey tea and lavender mix- my heart sank a bit. (I’m not a huge fan of earl grey or lavender teas) But I put on my BIG  girl pants and prepped my water. A few minutes later I had a pot full of this tea ready for me to check out. I will have to say Read More