Pekoe Breakfast from Pekoe . . . .

The smell of this tea reminded me of English Breakfast, and that triggered me to think this blend would be great with cream and sugar! Pekoe’s website recommends trying this blend with cream and sugar, and the flavor profile does not disappoint. The flavors of this black tea were able to penetrate the cream and sugar to provide a smooth and clean black tea flavor. I was able to get three quality brews from this tea in one serving of leaves. I personally selected to brew this in my press, and the leaves provided a beautiful light mahogany color when Read More


Pekoe Breakfast Black Tea from Pekoe Sip House. . . .

Well, it may be Pekoe Breakfast, but I had it in the afternoon! It is touted as being a good tea to give energy and heaven knows I needed some of that. This is a blend of Assam, Nilgiri, and Chinese black teas, but the main aroma hitting my nose is Assam. Reminding me of a stout Irish Breakfast tea, this is so fruity, rich, and malty. You will swear someone added lemon to your tea. Sometimes Assam and I don’t get along. I have a tender tummy. This blend caused no trouble at all. I drank it straight, though Read More


Plum Pear Green from the Pekoe Sip House

I couldn’t resist giving Plum Pear Green tea a try from the Pekoe Sip House.  It’s nice to see a tea featuring these fruits.  I feel as though both plum and pear don’t get enough love in the fruit-flavored options of the world.  There’s plenty of peach and strawberry teas and candies, but not so many for plum or pear. This tea did not disappoint, and even the dry leaf was fragrant with mellow plum fruit flavors.  The stone-fruit taste of plum and apricot reminded me of some of my favorite oolong teas, with their trademark smooth earthy and fruity Read More


Basil Lemonade Oolong from Pekoe Sip House. . . . .

Words cannot express my LOVE for this incredible wonder of a flavored Oolong. The tea I’m referring to is Basil Lemonade Oolong from Pekeo Sip House and it’s absolutely AMAZING! It’s rare that I find a flavored Oolong that I adore so much I LONG for my next cup but Basil Lemonade Oolong is that Oolong! It’s composed of half-fermented Chinese oolong tea, basil, lemon granules, natural lemon oil, marigold blossoms. Sure I find ALL of those ingredients but the secret weapon is the lemon granules! For some reason these lemon granules were like crack to me. They were SO Read More


Jumpin’ Juniper White Tea from Pekoe Sip House. . . .

My real first name is Jennifer. My husband HATES the song Jennifer Juniper. But it was the first thing that came to mind while sipping on this tea…Jumpin’ Juniper White Tea from Pekoe Sip House. The song association made me chuckle. But the tasty tea made me SMILE! Jumpin’ Juniper White Tea from Pekoe Sip House has a white tea for the base but also features juniper berries and raisins! I could smell the lovely berries upon opening the package. What a delight! This was also a NICE smelling white tea! It was slightly vegetal on the tongue, too! The Read More