Pine Oolong from Golden T Leaf. . . . .

My only experience with oolong teas has been black oolong tea. To be honest, I didn’t know there were any other types. It seems silly that I thought that now, but I clearly still have a lot to learn about teas!

This tea is very delicate, when it brews it is a light caramel color and has a very delicate flavor. Other oolongs I’ve had have had a much richer, roasted and in some cases smoky flavor. I drank this tea straight with no sweetener or cream. I really enjoyed the mild flavor. I like that green tea is lower in caffeine than black tea, so I don’t feel bad drinking it. When I tried an oolong tea awhile back, I looked into the health benefits and was blown away. Oolong can help with weight management, dental health, and even certain skin conditions. Plus it has tons of minerals in it. I would drink it more often except for the caffeine content. But I feel okay about having the occasional cup of green oolong.

This would be a great afternoon pick me up tea, or great to have with or after a meal. The delicate flavor won’t get in the way of anything you might be eating.

If you like green tea, I say give this soothing delicious tea a try and get those amazing health benefits!!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Golden T Leaf

First Place Winner at the 2015 North American Tea Championship.

This is our unique blend of two types of our mountain Oolong, hand-picked and processed. This tea brews to a light melon yellow color with a floral fragrance that lingers after the last sip. An easy going tea great for everyday drinking.

15 individually packed pyramid tea bags / Box.

Health Benefits: High in anti-oxidants, boost metabolism, weight loss, stabilize blood sugar.

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Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden T Leaf

Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden T Leaf was something I sampled on recently and I found it to be pretty satisfying. It’s a fermented black tea from Taiwan that is hand-picked and processed – and special thanks to the leaf hoppers nibbling on their leaves – contributes to the overall unique flavor.

It brews to a dark caramel color with a sweet fragrance and refreshing taste but I found it to be fairly mellow at less-than-piping-hot temperatures. I think the hotter the better with this one as it tends to pull the natural flavors from the leaf more.

On the tongue – it’s sweet, floral, and honey-like, with a hint of citrus. If you attempt to multi-task while tea drinking – like I often do – and tend to over infuse or steep – again like I tend to do – I will make special mention to point out that this tea is almost impossible to over infuse. It’s a very forgiving tea.

If you were to cold brew – I think the best way would be overnight – minimum! One thing I will say is the citrus notes seemed to pop out more if cold brewed at longer lengths of time verses the super hot water at shorter times.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: Golden T Leaf

Honey Red Jade Tea is a unique fermented black tea from the pristine hills of Taiwan. Hand-picked and processed, Honey Red Jade Tea is grown naturally to encourage the tea leafhoppers to feed on the tea leaves, producing a natural honey fragrance when the enzymes from the leafhopper interact with the tea plants. This tea brews to a dark caramel color with a sweet fragrance and refreshing taste.

Honey Red Jade tea is irresistible when it is hot. It is even better when it is cooled. The unique sweet floral and honey fragrance becomes more pronounced, with a slight hint of citrus. This is a tea you can leave in your cup or tumbler and not worry about over steeping or drinking it cold. Over-steeping and bitterness is not a problem with this tea.

Available in tea bags or loose form.

Benefits:  Aid in heart health.  In a 2009 research by Arab L. et al., it is said that people who consume 3 or more cups of black tea per day have a 21% lower risk of a stroke compared with people who consume less than 1 cup per day.


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!