Pine Oolong from Golden T Leaf. . . . .

My only experience with oolong teas has been black oolong tea. To be honest, I didn’t know there were any other types. It seems silly that I thought that now, but I clearly still have a lot to learn about teas! This tea is very delicate, when it brews it is a light caramel color and has a very delicate flavor. Other oolongs I’ve had have had a much richer, roasted and in some cases smoky flavor. I drank this tea straight with no sweetener or cream. I really enjoyed the mild flavor. I like that green tea is lower Read More


Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden T Leaf

Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden T Leaf was something I sampled on recently and I found it to be pretty satisfying. It’s a fermented black tea from Taiwan that is hand-picked and processed – and special thanks to the leaf hoppers nibbling on their leaves – contributes to the overall unique flavor. It brews to a dark caramel color with a sweet fragrance and refreshing taste but I found it to be fairly mellow at less-than-piping-hot temperatures. I think the hotter the better with this one as it tends to pull the natural flavors from the leaf more. On the Read More