Honey Bear from East Indies Coffee & Tea. . . . . .

I first had this at a child’s birthday party and totally wasn’t paying attention. I was like “I’m gonna TAKE NOTES in my SKETCHBOOK and write an ELOQUENT POST UPON MY RETURN.” But then I got sucked into pizza! cake! balloons! reading children’s books aloud! putting outfits on toys! The only thing I vaguely remembered was the thought that I wanted MORE HONEY from the tea. So this time I made it again, carefully, at home, with zero distractions* and a tiny half-spoonful of honey. *Except for my dog trying to jump on the couch and falling off. I laughed. Read More


White Chocolate Coconut Latte from East Indies Tea Company

Some Mondays you want to get kicked violently into gear; other weeks need a gentler approach. Today I decided coconut & white chocolate would be a gradual entry into another 6-day workweek. I wanted the caress of subtle flavors and a bit of black tea. This tea totally delivered on that. The flavors are sweet and subtle. The green tea mellows the black tea, and the coconut sweetens the deal. This is not a combat-boot-to-the-teeth tea. This is the Good Cop of teas. I would absolutely make a confession to this tea. “Yeah,” I’d say, “I accept the plea bargain. Read More


Whoopie Pie from East Indies Tea Company

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  The East Indies Tea Company Tea Description: Black tea, whoopie pie taste with chocolate bits, white chocolate bits, cocoa powder and sparkling sugars Taster’s Review: A while back, there was a group buy to East Indies Tea Company, a company that seems to be a distributor for a lot of smaller tea companies.  Since we had quite a group of us, we were able to purchase some of the teas that would not necessarily be available to us otherwise. This one intrigued me for some reason.  I normally do not enjoy a Read More


Miss Figgy Black from The East Indies Tea Company

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy: The East Indies Tea Company Tea Description: Fig taste with dried figs and pink pig sprinkles. Learn more about this on Steepster. Taster’s Review: Despite being pretty much over my ‘sprinkles in tea’ phase, this tea drew me in with the combination of pig sprinkles in the blend and the fun, whimsical name and the promise of fig flavour. In my humble opinion, there aren’t nearly enough fig blends and any chance I have to try a new one is one I’m going to take! However, when I cracked open my sealed 2 oz. Read More


Persimmon Gelato Rooibos from The East Indies Tea Company

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Rooibos Where to Buy: The East Indies Tea Company Tea Description: There is nothing better than sitting on the porch on a warm Spring day with a cup of creamy gelato. Imagine the taste of fresh, ripe persimmons in the gelato, just dancing around your taste buds! Learn more about this tea on Steepster. Taster’s Review: …Persimmon Gelato? …Persimmon Gelato! That’s such a unique and fascinating flavour idea, and the minute I saw it on East Indie’s website I knew that I had to try it. For anyone who isn’t aware of East Indies Tea Company, they’ve got some Read More