Bali from Dammann Frères. . . . . .

I had this yesterday hot, but got sucked into the vortex of Various Appointments and came back to it cold. And it was… much more awesome cold. And I thought: “is it gauche to drink it cold? Where are the green tea rules?” So today, I decided to risk being Terminally Uncouth and iced this as my Midday Ice With Lunch Soda Replacement. (Trying to quit soda is… going… okay. I’m a Trash Monster that loves stomach dissolving beverages. I’m trying to improve.) And yum, guys. This tea is a springy garden blast. It’s got rich green notes, sparkly flower Read More


Pu-Erh Gourmand from Dammann Freres. . . . .

I’m always surprised when I make a puerh tea.. I don’t drink it often, but when I look down into my cup, the tea is incredibly dark and mysterious. Lovely! The scent of this tea is sweet… vanilla cookies, perhaps? Maybe a bit of dry wood. There is only a tiny bit of that fishy scent that I detect in puerhs. Phew! Sipping… the flavor is very much like the scent. The puerh base is smooth and not fishy. I also don’t taste much of the wood that I smelled earlier. I really like whatever sweetness this cup is offering. Read More


Pop Corn from Dammann Freres. . . .

Back on January 19 aka National Popcorn Day, my teas finally arrived from the States. Since my father lives in LA, I often route tea orders through him to save on shipping. Well, apparently the orders built up because the box that arrived was HUGE! Some of the teas inside were from a Dammann Frere group order. Of course, as soon as I saw the popcorn tea I just couldn’t resist given it being National Popcorn Day and all. Popcorn tea, in theory, is a fancy name for genmaichas. However, instead of the traditional green tea base, this uses black Read More


Rooibos Pecan Pie from Dammann Freres. . . .

The scent of this tea is of lovely, sweet and floral almond. There is also something more explicitly nutty and starchy.. almost like a walnut. The woodsy rooibos comes out in the background, but is overshadowed by the almond. Sipping… wow, it’s really the almond that I’m tasting. Pure, sweet and gorgeous almond. I don’t really taste much of the pecan pie, but the almond flavor is so yummy, I’m not too disappointed. It would have been nice to taste some pie crust or pecan pie filling. The sweet and nutty flavors work really well with the rooibos base, though. Read More


Bourbon from Dammann Freres

Even though I still drink coffee in the morning to get myself going before work, with the arrival of the cold weather (finally!) I have been reaching for more tea. It’s so nice to pick a tea and sip on it throughout the afternoon and evening. This one sounded warming and sweet, just what I needed this evening when a sugar craving hit. Sipping… I love that the black tea base is mellow, while also providing a bold base for the added flavors. The vanilla comes out as the sip spreads across your tongue. It reminds me quite a bit Read More