Smores from Citizen Tea. . . .

I have had this tea for quite sometime and though I had it before and enjoyed it, I kept looking over it when trying to pick something to drink. Well today I decided that it was about time I get to drinking this and I am certainly glad I did. I had just enough leaf left to make a small latte. I steeped the tea for 3 minutes at 200F as per the recommendations on the package. I topped that with frothed milk and the end result is one tasty treat. First and foremost is the gooey marshmallow flavor that Read More

White Strawberrry

White Strawberry from CitizenTEA. . . Simply Strawberry!

I have had this tea a few times now and each time I readied myself to write a review. However, that never really panned out…until now. Unfortunately, seeing as I am on the last of the leaf, it seems there is not the usual balance of ingredients. This is actually most notable in the color of the tea which usually looks as if it has two layers: the more clear white tea on top with the purplish-pink liquid beneath. Today I am guessing my leaf lacked the hibiscus needed to give the purplish-pink hue and so it looks like mug Read More