Black Gold from California Tea House

Black Gold from California Tea House is a Blooming Tea or a Flowering Tea that is made of a Black Tea Base, Jasmine, and Marigold. Once hot water was added and the ball of tea bloomed it floated around in the tea pot gracefully. It was beautiful.

Like other blooming teas or flowering teas Black Gold from California Tea House took a while to completely come to life.

The first infusion – even after 5 minutes or more – was a very mellow color and flavor. It was floral and tasty but not as dark or powerful as I thought it would be coming from a black tea base.

The second infusion was still lighter in color and but more aromatic and flavorful. It wasn’t overly powerful but the flavor was lovely. I would still consider Black Gold from California Tea House to be delicate and mellow most likely because I enjoy the ‘stronger the better’ in a black tea.

I was able to get 3 or 4 infusions out of this blooming tea/flowering tea. I enjoyed it and it had a nice flavor. I’m still on the search for an over-the-top malty, bakey type black tea based blooming tea/flowering tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: California Tea House


Black Gold Blooming Tea is a beautiful artisan bouquet of Golden Monkey Paw black tea with Jasmine and Marigold for a beautiful and healthy blend. We decided to add a flowering tea made with black tea to our collection for those who like a full flavored tea with their beautiful bloom. Blooming teas make a perfect tea wedding favor and party gift. Email us for information about private labeling for a personal touch on wedding gift tea blooms.

Bring a pot of mineral or filtered water to a boil and pour into a clear pot, vase or large glass. Drop a single hand made blooming tea ball into the hot water and let steep for 4 to 6 minutes until the flower blooms. Once the tea has fully bloomed the tea is ready to drink.

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Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea from California Tea House

Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea from California Tea House is the tea of the moment here at SororiTea Sisters and what a tea moment it IS!

Genmaicha Green Teas fascinate me. There are so many different looks, feels, sniffs, tastes to them eventho they only have 2 ingredients (unless you throw matcha in there then there are 3 ingredients but you know what I mean!) This particular Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea from California Tea House is really somethings special!

The dry aroma isn’t overly powerful. I was kind of surprised at that but didn’t pre-judge it and was rewarded with an AMAZING aroma that was incredible and strong once infused. The post-infusion liquor of this Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea from California Tea House was terrific, too! It was a mellow yellow shade.

Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea from California Tea House was HEAVY on the popped rice and I enjoyed that fact. It infused VERY clean. The texture of the Genmaicha was near broth like. Again, I appreciated it! It was extremely easy sipping, was completely crisp and clean, and didn’t leave a roasted or bitter after-taste. It’s comforting, soothing, and pleasant in EVERY WAY!

I would classify Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Green Tea from California Tea House as a daily drinker! YUM!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: California Tea House


Genmaicha tea is a traditional Japanese green tea. It is believed that the development of Genmaicha was by monks in using rice as a filler to save money. This tradition quickly caught on as the blend of toasted rice and green tea (typically Sencha or Bancha) has a very soothing, pleasant flavor.

Jump forward a few thousand years and you find California Tea House’s gourmet, Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha. You’ll find our twist on Genmaicha to be an amazing upgrade to this tradition as we spared no expense in creating the finest Genmaicha on the market. Instead of Sencha we use Imperial Gyokuro green tea to provide a very clean, crisp green tea flavor without the bitterness. Also, we use sticky rice as the base of our toasted rice for a slightly sweet and very flavorful, nutty blend. There’s no turning back to old style Genmaicha after you’ve tried this one! Buy our Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Bring your mineral or filtered water to a boil, then let the water settle back down to around 180oF before steeping about 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per cup. Never steep more than 3 or 4 minutes.

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Organic Darjeeling from California Tea House

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Darjeeling

Where to Buy:  California Tea House

Product Description:

Introducing our new 2nd Flush, Organic Darjeeling, also known as the champagne of teas… This USDA organically certified Darjeeling is a very fancy, high-end tea and we are doing everything we can to keep it at a nice price.  It has a natural aroma of fruit and muscat for those who love dessert wine.

Taster’s Review:

More than any other tea, I think that Darjeeling reminds me of a fine wine.  Yes, I know that Darjeeling is referred to as the “champagne” of teas.  And there are certain qualities of a Darjeeling that are quite champagne-like, especially that crisp, almost sparkling quality to a Darjeeling that you won’t find in other teas.  But it is the fruity, muscatel notes that inspire comparisons to a top notch wine.

This Organic Darjeeling from California Tea House is an outstanding Darjeeling.  It tastes crisp and vibrant and full of flavor.  I taste strong notes of black currant and sweet grape.  For those somewhat new to teas (or more specifically, to Darjeeling teas), this is one of those Darjeeling teas that could be used as an excellent example of what that mysterious muscatel note in Darjeeling really is.  Sweet, fruity, and even possessing hints of sharp floral notes, this is truly a remarkable Darjeeling.

The astringent note at the end is dry, readying the palate for the next sip.  While I often consider a Darjeeling to be very autumn-esque, I am finding it to be a perfect tea to enjoy on an early spring day as well.  It needs no additions – I think Darjeeling teas should be enjoyed without sugar or milk because I think they interfere with some of the delicate nuances of the tea.  However, I do think that the wine-like qualities of this Darjeeling make for a perfect pairing with Blue Cheese and Fig Crackers from O Pair.  The sweetness of the muscatel notes bring the more elusive flavor of the fig in these crackers to the surface, while the savory notes of the blue cheese highlight some of the more savory tones of this tea.  This is a perfectly delightful afternoon snack!  YUM!