Whispering Angel White Tea from Lancaster Tea Co. . . .

A co-worker recently visited Lancaster, PA, and she brought me a sample of this lovely tea. The town of Lancaster is famous for having a strong Amish community, beautiful farm land, and unique stores offering everything from handmade quilts to shoofly pie (yes, it’s a real thing!). It’s also the home of the Lancaster Tea Company who blend their teas in small batches and have created a winner with their Whispering Angel Tea. The tea has the creamy, buttery taste of white chocolate and a very slight floral note. I found the white chocolate flavor to be accurate, and even Read More


White Coconut from BlendBee- Calling All Coconut Lovers!!

I’m a fan of coconut any time of year. Whether it’s the hottest days of summer or the dark, snowy depths of winter I find myself in a better mood when I can taste a bit of the tropics. Throw in some lemon – another favorite of mine – and I’m a happy girl. BlendBee took both flavors and mixed them with a delicate white to create White Coconut. Just thinking about the mix of flavors made me want to do a happy dance. The dry leaves are lovely to look at. There is a mix of tea leaves, coconut Read More


A Herbal Tea from the Tea Dude!

There is something so wonderful about knowing a product is homemade. Knowing someone has put time and energy and effort into producing a high quality item and that they want to share that item with the world… well, that’s insanely cool in my book. Maybe that’s why I can’t help but smile every time I open my container of Meegs Tea from the Tea Dude. There’s a simple sticker on the back of the tin that proudly states that the herbal blend is home produced. Don’t be fooled though. This is a rich, flavorful blend that is as good or Read More


Fall Blend Alert! Cranberry Autumn from Harney & Sons

Ah, fall. Cooler weather signals the slow switch from iced or cold brewed teas to hot cuppas throughout the day. I find myself excited about teas that are fruity but earthy, deeper but still bright. Happily, Cranberry Autumn from Harvey and Sons perfectly fits that description. Cranberry Autumn has light, citrusy notes from the orange as well as a good bit of tartness from the cranberry and hibiscus, but the base tea keeps the other flavors grounded. It has a good bit of depth with a slight woody note that works well with the other flavors. This tea is a Read More


Earl Gray From Ahmad Tea

My daughter’s boyfriend spent part of his summer holiday in London. He had a good time, and I’m sure it’s a trip he’ll always remember. When he came home he gave me a lovely set of teas. Have I mentioned my daughter is dating a brilliant young man? He most certainly knows how to make this tea lover smile! Since I’m a fan of Earl Grey I tried this tea first and have enjoyed several cups of it already. The flavor of the tea is simple but good. The scent of the bergamot is strong. In fact it was so Read More