Strawberry White from Shantitea. . . . .

When I first opened my package of Strawberry White from Shantitea, the amazing scent of fresh strawberries was overwhelmingly mouthwatering. I loved the fresh, fruity scent!! The tea leaves were full and rich in color. After letting Strawberry White infuse, I poured my first cup and enjoyed the sweet scent and vibrant red shade of the tea.

I love white tea, and especially when it’s fruity with a hint of floral, both scent and flavor wise. When I took my first sip, I noticed a tart and candy-like sweetness. I also notice an almost tobacco leaf like flavor, which is from the Safflower that’s in this tea. It’s quite warming!! The other ingredients in Strawberry White include Rosehips and Hibiscus, both favorites of mine. The caffeine content is light, making this a sweet, but not TOO sweet, and soothing after dinner tea. Whenever you drink Strawberry White, I hope you enjoy!!

Overall: Sweet white tea with a hint of rich, tobacco like warmth, which is different and pleasantly so!! Let us know what you think, if you drink your own cuppa Strawberry White.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White
Where to Buy:  Shantitea

A light and seductively sweet white tea blend, fragrant, tart, fruity and altogether irresistible.

Ingredients: Tea (Camelia Sinensis), Rosehips, Hibiscus, Safflower, Natural Essences

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Matcha to Go from Aiya

Today I am reviewing Matcha to Go from Aiya!! When I first opened the stick-pack (easy to use, and perfect for while on the go), there was a very earthy scent. There was a scent that I couldn’t quite place, but after a while I realized that the scent reminded me of seaweed.

Once I stirred and let the tea cool for just a bit, that allowed the earthy matcha scent to become pleasantly strong.

To me the taste is a bit bitter and very much like the scent. However, I figured, from the dark green color, that this would be the case. I know that ceremonial matcha is different from my personal favorite (the kind filled with sugar, a thick latte), so I will try adding a bit of sugar to see if that will make a difference.

Once the sugar was added, that helped!! It’s more mellow, and the slight seaweed taste was no longer there. This tea is, what I would call, a ceremonial matcha (from my own experience) tea, bitter without sugar and more mellow with; it’s also much thinner than the thick latte kind. It’s healthier too. *wink* In fact, Matcha to Go won the Clean Choice – Clean Eating – Award in 2015!!

You can drink this tea hot or cold, so if you love a matcha smoothie, I think it’s worth a try.

It’s not a hot tea for me, though I am interested in trying some Matcha to Go in a smoothie!! If you prefer stronger flavors, healthier tea, some caffeine and a quick pour and stir or shake (I recommend doing so with quite a bit of speed, as I noticed I had some powder left in my tea), try Matcha to Go and let us know what you think!!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green/Matcha
Where to Buy: Aiya


All of Aiya’s Matcha is produced in the Nisho region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for over 800 years.

Each box of Matcha to Go contains ten-4 gram single-serving sticks.

Ingredients: Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea, Non-GMO Soluble Corn Fiber (Dietary Fiber)

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Fresh & Fruity from Balcony Tea

Before I begin with the scent and taste of this Fresh & Fruity tea, I want to talk about the packaging!! This tea came in a lovely little brown bag, with an elegant label and a small ‘window’ to see the tea inside. This packaging sets the mood for a delicious cuppa. So, is Fresh & Fruity delicious?? Let’s find out!!

When I first opened my bag, there was a lovely scent that reminded me of rosemary, which I realized was Greek Mountain Tea. I have never had this, so the scent took me by surprise. However, the scent turned into one of sweet Hibiscus, another ingredient, once prepared!! Before, and after, there was a light hint of Lime.

Once I prepared my cuppa, I poured Fresh & Fruity into my favorite teacup, and admired the color, a lovely red. I took a sip, expecting a very delicate taste.. Instead, a very bold punch of flavor burst through and I found myself drinking quickly!! I had to slow down, so that I could properly sip and write my review. I would call Fresh & Fruity the fruit punch of tea.

The blend is mouthwatering delicious, and is truly one of the best I’ve ever had. I use sugar in my tea, making Fresh & Fruity a bit on the sweet side, as without, there’s a mellow bite.

I finished a cup (okay, two) and shared some with my wife and we both plan on purchasing our own stock of Fresh & Fruity. If you love floral tea, with a hint of fruit, and an incredibly bold, sweet or slightly bitter tea, this tea is for you!! It’s my first time trying Mediterranean Inspired Tea, and I want more. From package to cup, I highly recommend Balcony Tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal/Greek Mountain Tea
Where to Buy: Balcony Tea

Feel energised and revitalised by this vibrant infusion. This very special blend is packed full of unique herbs and bursting with flavour. It will put a smile on your face at any time of day.

Hibiscus – A colourful blossom with a delicious tangy taste.Lime Flower – Traditionally used to treat headaches and indigestion. Greek Mountain Tea – The best-kept Mediterranean secret. Lemon Peel – For its zesty flavour. Olive Leaves – A Mediterranean treasure used in traditional Mediterranean medicine.

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Black Licorice Chai from Harlow Tea Co

This is my first time reviewing a tea for SororiTea Sisters and I am SO excited!! It’s a lovely Wednesday morning as I write this, and this morning I will be drinking and reviewing the Black Licorice Chai tea from Harlow Tea Co. This blend of ingredients, from red rooibos and whole clove to anise seed and cinnamon chips, is unlike any I’ve ever heard of. I’m very excited!!

The scent is bold, warm, and energizing. Now, it’s time to brew!!

Alright, preparation finished and now – time for tea and time to taste!! My first sip was surprisingly smooth. The bold, warm scent made me think that this tea would be a bit harsh. I am glad that it’s not!! I was right about the energizing scent, as there’s a slight tingle that lingers on your tongue for a moment. I am guessing this is from the anise seed and ginger root. I love this!!

I cannot taste the cinnamon, however the whole clove and cardamom is the perfect amount of spiciness, so I don’t mind.

Does this tea taste like black licorice?? Yes!! The chai is pleasant, and perfect for a morning cup of tea (and or an energizing afternoon boost), which is high praise coming from someone who normally needs caffeine, which red rooibos doesn’t have!!

If you enjoy a warm, mellow, tingly tea – definitely give Black Licorice Chai from Harlow Tea Co. a try!!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos/Herbal
Where to Buy: Harlow Tea Co


Black Licorice Chai Loose Leaf Tea

This chai tea takes so many different notes from spices such as cardamom, clove, chicory root, cinnamon, and ginger. What takes it over the edge is the anise seed!

Not all tastes are made equal, red or black licorice is always an argument in the house!

Red rooibos, cardamom, clove, anise seed, chicory root, cinnamon chips, and ginger root.

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