Peri Flower Blooming Tea – California Tea House

Hello readers! I am happy to bring you a tea that I have been dying to try, a blooming tea. I have not been able to for I also found them too expensive to buy. I mean I know that this is a tea that is not your normal loose leaf or bag but I always saw the “best selling” flowering teas to be about $10 a bulb. So I am glad that I finally got a chance to try this beautiful tea!

Now, first off this tea was beautiful! And don’t worry I posted a video of it blooming on my Instagram, official_karatics. Now on to the important part, the flavor. Now I can’t tell you what I was expecting it to taste like for I wanted to go into this blind. I would say that the flavor was interesting for it tasted like a combination of Oolong and green tea for I was getting a slightly fermented flavor. It is a very light flavor and has a slightly herbal finish. But I think this mainly has to with the company’s white tea, which is their version of Silver Needle. With all that considered I don’t know whether to put this tea into the relaxing tea category or the everyday tea, so I will just say it is both!

Now I have already touched on the price of flowering tea in the beginning of this review and I will say it is indeed cheaper than most of the brands that I have come across. As of right now, the price is $3 per bulb and $15 for 10, that is 50% of off a pack that should cost $30. I would say that these prices are pretty inexpensive compared to what is on the market nowadays. Not to mention that this or any of the other flowering teas that they have on their site will be perfect for gifts or perfect for use at formal celebrations.

I probably will purchase from this company in the future but probably not the Peri Flower tea or any of the other blooming teas for I don’t really care for the taste of Silver Needle. I will say that they do have one tea in their flowering tea range that has a black tea or Golden Monkey Paw. That tea is called Black Gold and maybe more up my alley, so if you are looking into a flowering tea but are more of a black tea drinker like myself it may be worth a shot.

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Blooming Flower Tea
Where to Buy: California Tea House

Peri Flower is a beautiful artisan bouquet of Silver Needle a white tea with a multi-level, soft canary Chrysanthemum bloom. Blooming tea, flowering tea, make a perfect tea wedding favor and party gift.  Email us for information about private labeling for a personal touch on wedding gift tea blooms.

Bring a pot of mineral water to a boil and pour into a clear pot, vase or large glass. Drop a single handmade blooming tea ball into the hot water and let steep for 4 to 6 minutes until the flower blooms. Once the tea has fully bloomed the tea is ready to drink.  These are tasty, floral health bulbs!

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Buddha’s Best – A Quarter to Tea . . . .

Hello, readers, I am here again to talk about yet another rose blended tea. Which if you are new to my reviews I will fill you in quickly, I adore rose in just about everything. So it is not surprising that I was ecstatic to try out this new blend.

First and foremost, this tea is a simply made of a blend of black teas, rose petals, and tulsi leaf. Now I have had all three before in numerous cups but this cup was a bit different. First off, the smell is the rose tea smell I have become accustomed to, sweet and floral with a bit of boldness from the black tea. But the taste is where it is a bit different. Even though this tea is a blend of different black teas it almost has the flavor of a jasmine green tea. For it is not as heavy as the other blends I have tried that are both black tea and rose. That being said it is very refreshing, mentally and physically. The only negative that I can find with this tea is that the rose flavor is very light. But I guess that will be a plus to people who are indifferent to rose for it is an odd flavor.

Now to the economics, it comes in a variety of three sizes 1 oz for $5.50, 2 oz for $10.70, and 4 oz for $21.10. And I am happy to announce that they do offer a sample of 2-3 cups with the asking price of $1.50! So I will say that this is well worth the price so I would say go for it. Also, I was perusing the site and they also have tea subscription boxes so if you like this company and/or you are unsure of just what to buy maybe the subscription boxes would be something you are after.

I will finish off by saying that I will absolutely purchase this and/or other teas from A Quater to Tea in the near future. The asking price is right and the quality of my brewed beverage left me satisfied.

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  A Quarter to Tea

A showcase blend featuring teas from the birthplace of the Buddha. Light with lots of character with the staple muscatel notes of the region. Definitely a blend to try and find out why it’s simply the best!

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Bourbon Smoked White Tea – Embrew Teas. . . .

I am not going to lie but I was very wary of this tea for one of my first teas by Embrew, Creamy Honey Oolong, was one of my first negative reviews. But then again I chock that up to not liking honey. This tea surprised me, to say the least. For I haven’t had a close relationship with white teas but I did know that white tea leaves were the ones that lacked the most flavor. But not this tea blend, this tea had a depth and a smokiness that left me wanting cup after cup.

Now as the title suggests, this tea’s base is white tea but it is the sugar that is included in the bag that really makes it stand out. To be specific this tea has bourbon smoked sugar and not being the hugest fan of bourbon I was skeptical. So to my surprise, I found this tea to be light but also to have a bold sweetness that lingered on my tongue. And I was happy to also note that the sugar that is included in the bag was a perfect amount, not too sweet in the slightest. But my favorite part of the tea, other than the taste, had to be the smell. The smell was an amazing blend of oaky sweetness that made me imagine that I was in a study with a roaring fire with a fantasy novel placed in my lap. I swear I need to find this as a candle because when winter rolls around I feel that this will be the perfect scent to fill my house.

Now you are probably wondering how much this will set you back if you want to get a cup. Well, it is a pretty penny and there is only one option for an amount that you can get. Ten tea bags at the asking price of $15.95. So basically $1.60 per tea bag. I honestly wish there was a bigger option, like a 25 pack of tea but it is what it is.

Now, will I buy this tea? I will say yes but this will be a splurge tea. But if I did find this tea being served at my local tea shop I will happily pay $2 for it. I would also buy this tea for someone who doesn’t have a large collection of tea and is always on the go, for they don’t have to worry about the sugar for it is already premixed! But for now this blend is on the horizon and I hope soon that this will be in my tea collection.

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White
Where to Buy:  Embrew Tea

This African white tea comes from the delicate immature leaves of the plant that produce a mild, but sweet fragrance of baked bread and white peach that infuses quickly. The real hero is the Bourbon Smoked Sugar already blended inside the tea bag, which steeps with a subtle charred oak aroma.

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White Peony by Tea n’ Joy . . . . The Black Tea Drinkers’ White Tea . . .

Hello, fellow tea drinkers!

This week I officially got back my taste buds after being ill and I thought it was wise to partake in my first cup of white tea. So I figured that Tea n’ Joy’s White Peony was the way to go, for based on the description this tea is a perfect starter for black tea drinkers.

As far as white tea goes I didn’t know what I was expecting for my friends have informed me that white tea is usually very bland. Given that impression, I took that first sip and was pleasantly surprised. I will say that when I think of white tea I think of something that is light and cleansing and this brew did deliver that. But in addition to the palette cleansing, I was also greeted with a sweet after taste. It’s hard to put a description on it but the best that I can say is that it has a creamy sweetness. Also, White Peony goes amazing with cookies or biscotti. I myself used an almond chocolate biscotti and I did not regret it!

Now how hard is this tea going to hurt your wallet? Well at 4 oz it is priced at $18, 8 oz is $26, and $42 for 16 oz. So doing the math that is $4.50 an ounce which is normal for most loose leaf tea blends nowadays. Now I did not see an option to buy this tea as a sample outright but if you do make a purchase on their qualifying tea blends (White Peony is a blend that is qualified) you can receive two samples.

Given that this tea did appeal to me as an almost exclusively black tea drinker I will be sure to purchase this blend in the future. This blend has also motivated me to try other blends from Tea n’ Joy, their blend Earl Gray Moon is most definitely catching my eye.

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: White
Where to Buy:  Tea ‘n Joy
White Peony “Pai Mu Tan” is an exceptional white tea grown, harvested and processed in the Fujian region of China.

Also known as “Pai Mu Tan” or “Bai Mu Dan,” White Peony is the second-most famous white tea after Silver Needle (“Bai Hao Yin Zhen”). Its flavor is bolder and deeper than Silver Needle, making it an exceptional choice for new white tea drinkers, especially those who usually prefer black teas. Refreshing and faintly reminiscent of fresh apples with a lovely, lingering flavor.

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Meditative Mind from The Tea Spot. . . . .

With the new semester starting and my mind trying to keep up with all the things around it, I was more than down for a nice cup of soothing tea. I was glad to find just want I was searching for with this relaxing blend.

Meditative Mind is a very soft tea where your taste buds will be lightly touched by the flavors of the jasmine flower and the rose petals. And as I said before in my previous reviews, this power couple of these two flowers always is a good base for any tea in my book. Not to mention the white tea does a fabulous job of joining these two together.

Additionally, I am glad that the flavors of this tea are very subdued for that is the point of this tea. In my opinion, this should be a tea that you drink when you are trying to wind down either by listening to the rain or some light music. Giving you a chance to really experience each flavor without distraction.

Also, a great thing about this tea is that is moderately inexpensive. For a 1.5-ounce tin is $12.95 but if you buy a 2-ounce tin you save some change by paying only $12.25. But if you are still unsure The Tea Spot also offers $3 samples which according to their site is good for five 8 ounce cups, which I think is a perfect trial for any tea. Another thing to feel good about if you do purchase this tea is that 10% of all The Tea Spots’ sales go to cancer and community wellness programs. So, while you enjoy the warmth of one of their numerous teas you can be confident that your purchase is helping those who are less fortunate.

Now, will I purchase this tea in the future? Most definitely! Because not only is it a good blend for stress relief and relaxation but my money is also helping to maintain “the on–going wellness of cancer survivors and facilitating healthy habits to decrease cancer risks”.

See you for the next cuppa! Kara

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: White Tea
Where to Buy:  The Tea Spot

Our beloved blend of pure Chinese white tea, rosebuds and jasmine pearls creates an experience of aromatherapy that sharpens the mind and arouses the senses. The exotic floral scent of night–blooming Jasmine is uplifting and soothing, and is used as an anti-depressant in herbal medicine. Rosebuds are used to ease nervous tension and stress, and have a calming effect on the mind. This combination works together to enhance the light, subtle flavor of the white tea leaves. This tea brews into a golden liquor with a very soothing fragrance, and is perfect before, during, or after a stressful day.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!