Do Matcha-Ceremonial Grade

Today has been an incredibly fall like day and I’m loving it. Working from home, while listening to some classic horror movies, and listening to the rain-doesn’t get much better than this, especially since at the beginning of the week I was dealing with strep, ear infections, and a sinus infection all at once.

So today I decided I was going to treat myself to a delicious matcha latte after lunch. I was so excited! Especially since I’ve been dying to try Do Matcha for such a long time.

Per the instructions on the container, I scooped out 1/2 tsp into my bowl and added in 3 oz of 175F water.  Using my bamboo whisk, I went to town briskly whisking in the recommended W motion until there was froth.  I then added in more water- about 3 more ounces, and gave the beverage a few more whisks, because, whisking is fun.

Took a sip and I was in heaven. I love matcha and do drink a lot of it, but unless I’m drinking one of my favorite matchas from Wendigo Tea Co, you just never know what you are in for.  With Do Matcha’s Ceremonial Grade, you are in for quality.  This matcha is delicious. It hits every note perfectly and doesn’t have that awkward weird too vegetal flavor that sometimes you can get from other matchas I have had in the past.

Smooth is just the word I keep hearing in my head. Not too sweet, not too vegetal, just the right amount creating this delicious delight that I can see becoming super addicting.

I frothed up a bit of french vanilla creamer and added to the top of this delicious afternoon treat and was set for my afternoon.  I love how the sweet vanilla towns mingled with the bright matcha flavor.  Really delicious and I am already thinking about making this a thing with the weather getting cooler.

Sometimes your spirits just want something different and today they wanted matcha and I’m all to happy to oblige.  This matcha is delicious! And now I have my sights set on a few other varities DoMatcha has to offer. . . .

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Do Matcha

With DōMatcha® Ceremonial grade only the finest leaves are selected to guarantee the highest nutritional value, as well as sweet and pleasant flavor. Can be used to make thick or thin Matcha.

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Qi Aerista Smart Brewer. . . .

The Qi Aerista Smart Brewer . . . if you have been on FB lately and are a tea enthusiast, you’ve probably seen a pic or two of this new age technology driven electric tea kettle. The design is slick and the tea spot has the most pleasant and dare I say even sexy look to it. Compact but the perfect pitcher to brew up to 3 cups of tea.  I’ve had this set up for over a month because I really wanted to take my time and review the kettle to its fullest- without the app piece.  Yes, this smart brewer comes with an app.  I wanted to concentrate on the operational functions and execution of a cuppa tea before even going into that direction.

So. . without further ado, let’s chat about this smart brewer.

First, let’s talk about the pros.

-This tea set up is quite lovely aesthetically pleasing and the size of the set up is quite nice.  I could see this working out wonderfully for someone’s office desk or if they have a small corner for tea prep.

-There is not a loud obnoxious ping when the tea is ready.  Yes, there is a small ding but nothing like what I’ve had in the past where the noise is so annoying that you dread even making a cuppa.

-The pitcher itself has a smooth feel and fits right in the hand. Which is a big deal for me.  If I pick up a tea pot, tea mug, really any tea accessory and the item doesn’t feel right in my hand, 9 times out of 10, I will not purchase the item.

-Once you figure out the brewing setting system, it is quite easy to operate.  You can also keep your tea on the warmer settting if you aren’t able to drink the tea right away.

– I have had some delicious flavored green teas that have turned our really well when using the Qi Aerista Smart Brewer.

-The base itself is really nice and well laid out.

-Clean up is super easy and I don’t feel like if I slightly adjust this or that, the whole smart brewer system will fall apart.

-There is a setting for every kind of tea you can think of already programmed into the brewer. Even a Strong and Cold setting. Now, I’ve used both and I think the Cold brewing setting and I need to hang out some more and understand each other a bit more.

So overall, in the actual presentation, size, and parts of the execution- I do dig this brewer quite a bit. But, I do see a few downfalls that keep me scratching my head.

For the cons. . .

-I personally do not like how the water is distributed within the brewer itself. How you actually brew up a cuppa is you fill the pitcher with water, then there is an insert you put in the top of the pitcher that you scoop your tea into.  Inside the insert is a little cutout with what I’ve deemed as a sprinkler.  This sprinkler will spit the water out (and that is literally what it does) and onto the tea.  Once the water has hit a certain mark inside the insert, there is a drain in the insert that will filter the tea back into the pitcher. Sounds amazing except that more times than not, I’ve looked in the insert at the tea after steeping and I have dry tea leaves, meaning no water ever reached those teas and I’m left with a very weak cuppa.  I’ve also tried brewing jasmine pearl or dragon pearl like tea varieties and those by no mean had any chance of steeping properly. This may be something I need to adjust in how I am placing the tea into the insert for brewing in general, but if I’m going to pay $200 for a tea brewer, I want that tea brewer to be able to steep any variety of tea that I personally want to enjoy and not have separate brewing vessels for this or that.

-The price tag is high for this smart brewer. For a few dollars more, you can actually pick up a well known tea brewing kettle that I used for years and only recently had to depart with since the poor kettle could kettle no more.   Even with the smart app parts to the Qi Aerista, I’m not sure that would win me over completely.  But it does provide the Qi Aerista with an edge over other kettles since a lot of people do enjoy the “smart” devices.

-This was also a pro but the settings are sort of a con as well. Sometimes there are teas that you have to adjust a bit more due to your personal preference.  There are some green teas that I prefer to steep long and black teas that I prefer to steep for a shorter amount of time. With the brewer, there really isn’t a solid way to do that. The Custom function from what I’m understanding only presents you with a 2.5 min time. Strong presents you with an 8 minute time and the rest you only have a 3 to a 3.5  minute time frame. I’ve had some white teas that need at least a solid 5 minute steep. Something for me to sit down and see what other workarounds might be available.

Like any product, you’ll find pros and cons.  I do use this kettle daily and am learning the quirks of the kettle itself but there is something that I just enjoy from having a simplistic electric kettle and a regular ol teapot. Call me old fashioned.   That being said, the Qi Aeriesta Smart Brewer does offer an alarm clock setting I believe that could really come in handy during those late work nights that demand early mornings. . . . I’ll keep everybody posted over the next few months to let you know if any of my feelings change or where I stand on this new way to brew tea!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Qi Aerista Smart Brewer

The World’s Most Versatile Brewer

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Turmeric Gold from Pukka. . . .

I love pukka teas.

Every single flavor I’ve tried has been amazing.

I also love turmeric and I try to incorporate it into my diet everyday. Turmeric tea is a great way to do that!This tea has turmeric root,green tea, licorice root,cardamom, lemon and verbana leaf. I taste a lot of lemon which is a great thing in my opinion! It helps cut the sharpness of the turmeric. I don’t really taste the licorice or cardamom, but I’m sure they’re working with the lemon to make this a really bright and delicious tea.

I’ve talked to several people who want to add turmeric tea to their diets but find the taste a little to sharp. This is the tea I will tell them to try from now on. It tastes more like a lovely lemon ginger tea. It is yellow so be careful when you pour it.

Turmeric’s color is pretty intense!

Turmeric has many, many health benefits and this tea is such a simple and delicious way to get some in your system. I am having mine warm because well fall, but I plan on trying it iced as well. I would imagine the lemon makes this a really refreshing iced drink as well. It does have green tea so there is a small amount of caffeine.

This probably wouldn’t be the best dessert tea anyway. But it is a wonderful way to start the day, and would probably be a great afternoon pick me up as well!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Pukka Teas

Golden turmeric – the queen of protective herbs whose nourishing yellow sustains life’s majestic glow. This is a tea to celebrate life – lemon fruit, aromatic cardamom and whole leaf green tea expertly blended with one of nature’s most powerful herbs. The elegance will leave you feeling renewed as each cup lets you don turmeric’s shield.

A golden tea that will colour your life but not your teeth. Good news for bringing a golden glow to your day.

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English Breakfast from Walters Bay. . . .

Hello dear reader, among all the interesting tea that is available in today’s market, it is nice to find a tea blend that doesn’t stray too far from the classic blends. Of course, I am talking about English Breakfast, the blend that never fails to fit my every mood. So I was more than happy to brew a cup of this English Breakfast especially when it is from a company from which I am surprised that I have never heard of for this company is 151 years old!

As I am sure is the case for most of you, this tea tastes like your typical English Breakfast blend. But that is not saying it is not good, this tea is definitely one of the best cups of English Breakfast that I have had. This tea is perfectly bold and bright with a soft dry finish combined with a perfectly sweet malty flavor. I was sad that I only had one cup to sample for my cup emptied way to fast so I will be most definitely be stocking up in the future.

Now on to the prices, a box of 15 (silk pyramid bags) is priced at $6.99 USD which will be about .47¢ a cup. For loose leaf, it would be $9.99 for a tin (18 cups per tin) that will be about .56¢ a cup and $10.99 for a bag (33 cups per bag) that is .33¢ per cup. I also don’t see any options for samples but I think spending about $7 isn’t too bad for testing a tea.

All in all, this tea is a good staple to have in my tea collection. I enjoyed my cup immensely and I see why this specific blend won first place in the 2018 Global Tea Championship in the English Breakfast category. I believe that this blend is approachable by all tea drinkers and will be a welcome addition to any tea collection

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Walters Bay

English Breakfast Ceylon Black Tea Full Leaf Tea Enveloped Tea Bags begins with freshly hand-plucked tea leaves processed in our own Noori Tea Processing Center, in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Our Award-Winning Pekoe 1 black tea grade is meticulously processed during the Western High Grown season. This grade of tea offers a classic Ceylon signature flavor profile that is ideal as an English Breakfast Tea. It is a full bodied tea with a slight malty character and exceptional aroma. Great as a stand alone cup or with a dash of milk. Contains 15 individual enveloped full leaf tea bags. Each tea bag contains approx. 3 grams of tea


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Earl Grey Cupcake from 52Teas. . . .

A tea friend won this in a contest and was very kind and shared with me. I am really grateful given it is a tea that immediately called to me but also one that gave me pause before I would consider purchasing. The issue with this tea, Earl Grey Cupcake by 52 Teas, is that I can almost never resist cupcake teas and yet I almost always avoid Earl Greys. Hence the conundrum here but luckily my problem was resolved by the generosity of a friend.

As much as I don’t always love the flavor of Earl Greys, the smell really is quite relaxing and this tea in particular smells mouth-wateringly delicious.

It also tastes delicious. The bergamot of the earl grey is strong but smooth and it is kept in check by the vanilla beans which add a gentle cream note.The base teas contribute a breadiness and body that combines with the rest of the tea to help really capture the cupcake concept. The cute little star sprinkles also give this tea a festive touch and just a hint of cupcake sweetness.

Despite my unease with bergamot, I did enjoy this one. I can see Earl fans really loving this and for those that maybe aren’t as familiar with the Earl, this could be a nice tea to make his acquaintance. I could also see this being one yummy latte.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  52Teas

This tea is no longer available but click below for teas that are.

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