Dong Ding Oolong from Tea Avenue. . . . .

I was pretty happy to see this among my samples of tea to try. When I have a lot of different teas around, I tend to flit from one to another according to mood and sometimes this leads to a bunch of them getting pushed back or left behind. But it was a Dong Ding tea that really made me embarrass myself with how quickly I drank up a whole 100 gram bag. Like…it really was amazing and shameful how fast that tea went away. I must have been super hydrated. Knowing the quality of other oolong teas that I Read More


Berry Maple Waffles from Naked Teas Galore. . .

Everything about the name of this tea made my mouth water. Berries? Yes! Maple? Oh boy! Waffles! GET IN MAH BELLY! The directions call for steeping it for three to five minutes and I kept it on the light side at three and a half because I saw the word in the ingredients that makes me cringe a little. Okay, sometimes I cringe a lot. Hibiscus. There can’t be much hibiscus in here though, because even a minuscule amount can turn a tea bright red instantly, and this really doesn’t have a pink hue. Between the hibiscus, cranberries, and blueberries, Read More


Honey Gingerbread Pancake Yunnan Tea from A Quarter To Tea. . . .

Even the name of this tea is downright exciting! It is beautiful to look at, with pearly Yunnan snail black tea as the base. And with pancake in the name, I had to have it for Sunday breakfast with the family! The dominant aroma is ginger. I also found it to be the dominant flavor. (It really reminds me of fall and Christmas because that is the only time we use much ginger. Note to self – get more near the holidays!) The black tea base is strong enough to come through and not be masked by the added flavors, Read More


Pomme Blossom White Tea from Plum Deluxe. . .

Do yourself a favor and visit the website for this company. I betcha you’ll be drooling before you read half of the descriptions. Have someone hide your credit card first and change your Paypal account password if you are weak or you’ll be broke tomorrow. Plum Deluxe has a monthly tea subscription available, a blender’s choice special so you can try a surprise tea at a special price, and of course, teas to order as you wish. Today I tried their Pomme Blossom White Tea, a delightful and flavorful blend featuring white tea, rose hips, jasmine, apple pieces, hibiscus, safflower, Read More


Tea Time Is “Me” Time! from An Inner Hues Adult Coloring Book. . . .A Tea Coloring Book

When the call went out asking who would be willing to review a tea themed coloring book, I couldn’t answer the call fast enough! I am not a talented artist but I love to create things, so I get a little help from stamps and pretty papers. A tea themed coloring book sounded like fun! Coloring books for adults have been all the rage for a few years now, and I have seen a number of articles saying that it may help with everything from stress levels to high blood pressure. And a lot of adults are coming out and Read More