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Our mutual love for tea and writing about it inspired us to start this blog so that we could better share this love with others.

One thing I (Anne) learned very early on in my career as a tea artist is that everyone has different preferences, and every single tea tastes differently on every single palate.  So just because one of us doesn’t happen to like a tea, doesn’t mean that YOU (the reader) will not.

We try to be as impartial as we can.  We do have our favorites.  We are human.  But we do our very best to be as fair and as honest about a tea as we can be.

You might not agree with my assessment – or with Jennifer’s assessment – of a tea.  But that’s OK… if we all liked the same exact tea – we’d only need ONE kind of tea and … wow… that sounds really boring, indeed!

What a beautiful world it is that we have so many teas to suit so many tea enthusiasts!

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey! I’m just getting into this whole blogging thing – which it seems like everyone is doing nowadays. Could we swap links? Jennifer, I’m one of those Adagio custom blenders, although lately I haven’t done much…

    See you on facebook too! 🙂
    -Carolynne Ke/Pickie Pixie/The Tea Slinger

  2. Hey! good for you – I have always respected both your reviews when I have read them elsewhere. I wouldn’t object to being a friend, either, we all need to support each other!

  3. Hi Ladies!
    Love your site. I was wondering if I could send you some chai tea from Tipu’s Chai, a company I work with? We make authentic Indian chai from organic and fair trade ingredients. Just let me know where to send it if you’re interested. Thanks!

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  5. Hi there!
    I was wondering if you guys would be willing to review Sattwa Chai. We are pioneers in the chai category bringing the world Fair Trade, Organic Certified chai concentrate and loose leaf chai mix. Founded in 1994 in Newberg, Oregon, and going strong in 2011.

    Julian Fields
    General Manager

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  7. Hey Girls!

    Love your site- and I’d like to put some of our tea in your hands if you’d be interested in reviewing something we whip up here at Herbal Infusions Tea Co. Drop me a line if you’d like!


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  9. Lemara says:

    Hi there,

    Love the blog! Is there an email address I can contact you on personally. I’m working on a project all about tea and would love for you to be involved.


  10. Tym Taylor says:

    Hey Sorority Sisters..
    I was curious about something you mentioned in a review on a tea.
    In the blog about the Decaf green tea by Sarabeths, you said that you’ve had “some bad experiences” from decaf teas..
    What kind of bad experiences are you referring to exactly??

    • Hi, and thank you for reading the blog!

      The bad experiences refer to bad tasting teas. I’ve had more than a few Decaffeinated teas that end up tasting chemical and that chemical flavor lingers in the aftertaste and it’s rather unpleasant. I also have had issues with the body of many decaffeinated teas where they taste and feel thin, as though they aren’t “all there.” It doesn’t taste as enjoyable as it’s full-bodied, caffeinated version. There are a few decaffeinated teas that I’ve tried that have been exceptions to this, and when I find them, I like to share that with my readers.

      Thanks again for reading, and for taking the time to comment!

  11. Hello,

    We’ve recently launched a revamped online site for our teas and would love to have sororiTea Sisters review some of our Teas. Please email us for information.

    Thank you

    V.P. of Sales

  12. Hello Sororitea Sisters!
    I’m emailing as I recently found out about your awesome blog and wanted to let you know about Tea With Strangers.

    Tea With Strangers is born of a simple idea: to encourage conversations between strangers and build a sense a community that transcends traditional social boundaries. We believe that everyone is interesting and that everyone has something of value of share.

    Tea With Strangers is an initiative that is spreading across the world (25 cities and counting!) and came to London in June of last year. We have ten hosts currently living in London (although we’re growing all the time!) who facilitate conversations between five strangers over two hours in various locations across the city…all over tea. To date we have connected over 120 strangers and had over 100 hours of conversation.

    You can find out more about us here: http://www.teawithstrangers.com and http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonyoushaei/2015/05/13/how-to-meet-amazing-people-without-sleazy-networking-insights-from-6220-conversations/#64ba486a3823. You can also learn more about the man who started this movement, Ankit Shah, at: http://tedxteen.com/speakers-performers/tedxteen-2014-london/237-ankit-shah.

    We were also in Time Out London in their feature on tea earlier this year (Feb).

    We believe your viewers would be interested in what we do at Tea With Strangers and would love for you to feature us on your blog.

    If you’d like to chat about this more, or even meet up for a cup of tea, please do get back to me.


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