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McNulty’s Special Mixed Blend from McNulty’s Tea & Coffee


Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black, Oolong & Green Teas Where to Buy:  McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Tea Description: Our Special Mixed Tea is a blend of Formosa Oolong, Japanese Sencha, and China Black. This formula has been with the store since the 1940’s. Taster’s Review: When I first received this tea, I was a bit […]

Ceylon Dimbula from McNulty’s Tea and Coffee


Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  McNulty’s Tea and Coffee About McNulty’s: Since 1895, McNulty’s has been this country’s leading purveyor of choice coffees and rare teas. Our tradition of careful selection of only the finest is still true today. A visit to our store is like a journey into another age. Located […]

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Plum Black Tea from McNulty’s Tea & Coffee


It is delicious hot, but I think I prefer it chilled! It is very refreshing!

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Java Santosa from McNulty’s


Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  McNulty’s Company Description: I was not able to locate a description of this tea on McNulty’s website. Taster’s Review: This black tea is a single estate tea from the Santosa estate in Java (an island in Indonesia).  Having tried only a few teas from Indonesia but quite […]

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Java Santosa Tea from McNulty’s


McNulty’s is just one of those places I want to visit before I expire. I mean, the history in the store, itself is amazing! It really is a historical place! The consistent years of business, operation, service to NYC as well as the Tea and Coffee Lovers of the world…it truly amazes me and I appreciate those businesses who have been around for a long time – plugging along thru good times and not-so-good times. They have seen it all since 1895, you know? WOW! What a treasure NYC has in McNulty’s!

Berry Creme from McNulty’s


I really like this tea! Another Thumbs Up for McNulty’s!

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Apple Mint Tea from McNulty’s


Apple Mint Tea from McNulty’s really surprised me. It’s fragrant and tasty all the way thru! Another nice offering from McNulty’s!

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Tea Companies


About This Page: This page contains various on-line tea companies from which we (the SororiTEA Sisters) have enjoyed tea … because, we aren’t just tea reviewers, first and foremost, we’re tea consumers!  We drink tea, therefore, we purchase it!  (Yes, sometimes we do get free samples from companies that want us to review their products.  […]

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Plum Flavored Black Tea from McNulty’s


This Plum flavored black tea sure does bring me back to the Aunt Francis visits! This tea is awesomely juicy…fragrant, sweet, fruity but not tart – and VERY YUMMY!!!! It’s a nicely flavored black tea. I have yet to try it iced but I know it will be good!

Our mutual love for tea and writing about it inspired us to start this blog so that we could better share this love with others.

One thing I (Anne) learned very early on in my career as a tea artist is that everyone has different preferences, and every single tea tastes differently on every single palate.  So just because one of us doesn’t happen to like a tea, doesn’t mean that YOU (the reader) will not.

We try to be as impartial as we can.  We do have our favorites.  We are human.  But we do our very best to be as fair and as honest about a tea as we can be.

You might not agree with my assessment – or with Jennifer’s assessment – of a tea.  But that’s OK… if we all liked the same exact tea – we’d only need ONE kind of tea and … wow… that sounds really boring, indeed!

What a beautiful world it is that we have so many teas to suit so many tea enthusiasts!